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  • Server: Online

  • Players online: 70

  • Characters: 103,408

  • Active players during 48 hours: 1,730

  • Registrations Today: 12

  • XP Rates (compared to Classic):

    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits:

      Normal: 8x Gold: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic:

      Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x
    • Skills:

      Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
    • Additional:

      Wildy: +1x cmb Skulled in wildy : +0.5x cmb Hotspot: +50% all XP

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    We have released a minor update to our client, these are the following changes:
    [*]Added commas to price entering fields, to hopefully, help players avoid mistakes while typing prices;[/*]
    [*]The Private tab on the client will start blinking indefinitely until you send a PM or click on the tab. Hopefully less messages will go unanswered, at the moment, the tab will blink only for a few seconds. Login or logout messages will no longer trigger the blinking.[/*]
    [*]Fixed bug of ashes not showing up on the ground;[/*]
    [*]Fixed party hats not showing up in Rares tab of the Auction House;[/... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    level 3 boxing tournament
    10 million gp to the winner

    Event Hosted and Prize donated by Mod Anti

    Event time will be added with a countdown timer, once a final decision is made

    tournament rules

    You MUST be Level 3 to enter AND to win

    You must ::fatigue
    If you level up, you are disqualified, and may NOT join on a different character
    You must provide your own food to heal ( no exceptions )
    You must provide your own potions (no exceptions )
    [co... Read more

    Posted by Mod Anti.

    We have released an update to various aspects of the game and implemented few quality-of-life type of adjustments that were requested by players:

    [*]Right click options to interact with an NPC have been added to: Shantay Pass Store, Fionella, Card Drivers, Gnome Pilots, Gundai, Jungle Bankers, Monks of Entrana, Customs Officials and Officers, Captain Barnaby, Captain Tobias and his Seamen, Thessalia, Varrock sword store, Frenita, Rommik and Dommik;[/*]
    [*]Making golden bowls, soft clay, filling buckets with sand, making teleport tabs, sheep shearing is now batched;[/*]
    [*]Added "Trim... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Since the update of Treasure Treasure trails we have quite an extensive collection of trimmed items that players can collect and trade. Having many items available creates a problem for buyers and sellers of those item sets, because they have to be parted out when they are placed in the auction house. We have decided to solve this problem by implementing item sets for trimmed and regular armor as well as for the trimmed robes.
    You can now create item sets by talking to an Auctioneer, who will take your gear in exchange for a s... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    100,000 registered users!

    Just after we reached 100,000 characters milestone, we have another very special occasion coming, our beloved project becomes 5 years old! On August 19th we will be celebrating our birthday, the week of our bday will start with launch of the long awaited Deadman Season!


    Deadman Season 2

    Deadman has been delayed several times, but with the amazing feedback over the test period we have received so many requests and ideas, that we decided to take some extra time on it and we will be releasing a very nic... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Hello everyone,

    We have been dreading it since the announcement in May, now the shutdown of Jagex's RuneScape Classic is finally here. The mods have been preparing a day jam-packed with events and item giveaways, so we can do a proper all day celebration of the original RuneScape game once Jagex has cast it off for good. We have just a couple surprises in store...

    ::Toast RSC with us

    Only on th... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    To commemorate, we will be hosting events all day on August 5th & 6th.
    Events will be held over a 2 day period, this way more people will be able to participate!

    In order to accomplish this day full of events, we will need some help from the community.

    We are looking for items such as...

    • Food
    • Potions
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Ammies
    • Rings
    • Runes
    • Dragon Bones

    so the PK'rs are able to get started on training to their desired combat.

    [color=brown]Also, skilli... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    Deadman mode has returned to RSCR, this game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. Deadmen won't be playing on a separate world, they will be playing along with regular players. Deadmen are a new character type just like iron-men or veteran mode.

    Deadman mode will be available for two weeks, till Sunday 26th this month, exact time and scenario for the end game will be posted later in a separate post.

    [u]This season, DMM players will be required to be completely self sufficient, at the bottom of the post there is a list o... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.
    Item Name Amount Price (Total / Each) Expires in Status


    How can we 'fix' the KBD?

  • 23%- Make him less difficult to kill
    27 votes
  • 65%- Buff his drops
    78 votes
  • 5%- Add a caged black demon to lair
    6 votes
  • 8%- Other
    9 votes
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