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  • Server: Online

  • Players online: 54

  • Characters: 116,424

  • Active players during 48 hours: 1,276

  • XP Rates (compared to Classic):

    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits:

      Normal: 8x Gold: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic:

      Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x
    • Skills:

      Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
    • Additional:

      Wildy: +1x cmb Skulled in wildy : +0.5x cmb Hotspot: +50% all XP

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    Since yesterday when we reverted team fort back to 1ip we have heard from some of our more outspoken players that they preferred 2ip, we have also heard from a different set of outspoken players that they like it at 1ip. As a team we at torn and do not want to just listen to the loudest players among you. So, we have decided to give the players another opportunity to have their say in a voted poll. Last time we analysed the data for ourselves which came with some criticism, so this time we have added the following restrictions. This is to make sure the players that vote are genuine users of wi... Read more

    Posted by Mod Terror.

    When the Team fort made its triumphant return a few months ago we made a poll for players to vote on its IP restriction. The old team fort had a 1ip restriction meaning that each player could only have one account there at a time. We decided to trial 2ip restriction there as it had never been done before. That trial has now ended, and we have reverted to the previous 1ip rule.

    We understand that whilst the vote for 1ip appeared to be the overwhelming success with 78% of the votes, once we analysed the data on who voted breaking it down between PKers and Skillers we felt that 2ip deserved at l... Read more

    Posted by Mod Terror.

    We're very exited to announce that we have some much needed fresh blood in the RSCR staff team!

    It is of upmost importance for us to start fresh, with good vibes and attitude in the team for great community support we're famous for, smooth development, launch and running of upcoming DeadMan mode season.

    Please give a warm welcome to:

    Mod Britz aka Izbrit!
    Mod Sanka aka Blahhblahh!
    Mod Umba aka Umbaman!

    Mod Prox aka Proxicity has returned to the staff team!

    Mod Terror is now the Head Moderator!

    We strongly believe these are great additions to the team and we look forward how they will gro... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Sorry for not communicating this sooner, but deadman mode release will be postponed till we can sort staff and development issues. A lot of staff left after a lot of drama, and tension build up for months of being significant part of the community, but incompatible to work together. We will need to take some time finish the development process of DMM as well as rebuild a reliable staff for smooth management of the event.

    We will have more news for you soon.... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    ~Changes and Fixes~

    Changes and Fixes:

    -Pixelated graphics on default resolution fixed.
    -Defense gui updated with Equipment stats and custom Rev gear.
    -Crafting gui updated with XP rates and additional information on how to make items.
    -Smithing gui updated with XP and bar requirements for each item.
    -Woodcut cape fixed to add +2 to batch count.
    -Changed PM and Global chat colors to make them more visually appealing.
    -@pnk@ has been added as a new chat color and is available for team names.

    [color=#3BB987]We have adjusted rings th... Read more

    Posted by Pepsi.

    Deadman mode has returned to RSCR, this game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. Deadmen won't be playing on a separate world, they will be playing along with regular players. Deadmen are a new character type just like iron-men or veteran mode.

    Deadman mode will be available for1 month, beginning 1 July 2019 and ending 31 July 2019 , exact time and scenario for the end game will be posted later in a separate post.

    [u]This season, DMM players will be required to be completely self sufficient... Read more

    Posted by Pepsi.

    New Poll

    Do you like the beta tested towers or do you wish to go back to the fort?

    Please take a moment to cast your vote! You can vote through our front page or via our new poll npc 'Polly' located outside Auction House in-game. 44616da072db4bc51b592ae26eb3dd34.png


    Performance issue in client was found and fixed, should have less lag spikes in game.


    Logs have had a recolor to make them more distinguishable
    Slayer Mask for 1 Defense players ( Dropped By: Mud Golem, Werewolf, Swamp Slime )

    [img] Read more

    Posted by Pepsi.

    Hardened-Rune Kite and Hardened-Rune Chains

    The long awaited Hardened-Rune Kite and Hardened-Rune Chain.  You create these just as other Hardened pieces, at the Mysterious Furnace under the Lava Maze. These items have +2 Armor and +3 prayer compared to regular rune chain and kite

    Wilderness Towers
    - Log out is now disabled in the tunnel system
    - Anyone can now enter the dungeons!  You do not have to be in control to enter!

    - Prayer Skill Guide updated and corrected

    - Rune and Addy Gauntlet colors adjusted ... Read more

    Posted by Pepsi.
    Item Name Amount Price (Total / Each) Expires in Status


    Which Fort restriction would you prefer?

    You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

    Live Feed

    • Dirtbag has PKed Soulus 3 minutes ago...

    • Headie One has PKed Ragedmachini 8 minutes ago...

    • Dirtbag has PKed Soulus 30 minutes ago...

    • Ironderf just completed Waterfall Quest (members) quest! He now has 90 quest points 45 minutes ago...

    • Satanreborn has achieved level-97 in magic! 60 minutes ago...

    Top Slayers

    Check out the full lists of the best slayers on the highscores.

    Username Slayer Level
    Mr T Mr T 99
    Meatlover Meatlover 99
    steyo steyo 99
    Pepsi 99
    Aviator 98
    W E S 98
    SlimTanti 97
    Synesthesic 96
    jonny 15 95
    Steve 94

    Top Players

    Check out the full lists of the best players on the highscores.

    Username Level
    Mr T Mr T 1881
    W E S W E S 1880
    Synesthesic Synesthesic 1878
    jonny 15 1877
    sosssepp 1874
    O p r a h 1872
    Aviator 1872
    Bluebeard111 1870
    Odin 1868
    Iron Vinkie 1868