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  • Server: Online

  • Players online: 55

  • Characters: 98,776

  • Active players during 48 hours: 1,876

  • Registrations Today: 22

  • XP Rates (compared to Classic):

    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits:

      Normal: 8x Gold: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic:

      Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x
    • Skills:

      Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
    • Additional:

      Wildy: +1x cmb Skulled in wildy : +0.5x cmb Hotspot: +50% all XP

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  • Treasure Trails

    Solve the challenging clue scrolls

    for a chance at trimmed or god armors!

  • Join hundreds of players

    We have active and friendly community

    that you won't find anywhere else!

  • Moderator & Automated Events

    Hide & Seek, Box, Deathmatch, Race, Hunger Games & more

    Automated Lottery, Survival, Tournament

  • Unique Bosses

  • Thriving PK Scene

    Relive the glorious combat of RuneScape Classic

    in wilderness and custom battles!

  • World map released!

    With our new in-game worldmap you never get lost

  • Skill Guides

    Optimize your training session with our seamless GUI -

    Years of expertise at your fingertips!

  • Market

    Sell and buy with ease in our in-game market!

  • Quest Guides

    You'll never need a second window for quest guides again!

    Our GUI is a handy resource for original & new quests alike.

  • Bestiary

    Size up monsters and their drops with ease.

    Think of it as your RuneScape Pokédex!

  • Improved dueling

    We have added 3 new rules and configurable equipment rules!

    Stake just the way you like it

    Upcoming Deadman Mode season

    Deadman mode is returning to RSCR, this game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. We won't be having a separate server for Deadmen, they will be playing on the same world as regular players. These will be a new character type just like iron-men, addition of the mode won't affect regular players.

    At the moment the Deadman Mode is in final stage of development and a test server will be hosted within a day or two, players will be invited to check out the latest features and make sure everything... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    We are proud to pick up where Jagex has left off with RuneScape Classic. Today we're releasing a substantial cosmetic update to the game as well as an expansion to our treasure trails that will lead you on rewarding adventures around the world of RuneScape.

    229449a2faa2b049f313b3fdc9f6286d.pngGilded armor

    Scavenger Hunt Clues!

    Joining the existing clue types of cryptic, anagram, dig and coordinates are a new type of clue: scavenger hunt. All three levels of clue scroll difficulties... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    For past couple weeks pk'ing community has requested a few changes to the way our client works and we're happy to announce that today we have released a new client version with some of the requests implemented:
    [*]Client command ::logout has been removed;[/*]
    [*]Right click menu on a chat message while being in wilderness has been removed, to prevent accidental right clicks on a message while pk'ing;[/*]
    [*]Magic spell book and prayer book scroll positions will now be saved on logout, when you login to a character the scroll position will be wherever it was left before logging out. Th... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Screenie from the event:

    This saturday we'll be holding a Wilderness Drop Party in deep Wildy with drop value over 80Million GP, which includes a nice Yellow phat for someone to grab!

    Dropped loot:

    Thanks to Maddog for donating yellow phat, cane, 30 sets and sdp's, ty Spectre for donating red mask, SPY for elf and all other players who donated!

    If you have been in our previous Wildy Drop Party, there are a couple changes to how the drop party will work this time:
    [*]Drop party arena has be... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    On 30 May 2018, The Runescape Classic Community,  lost a True Legend. 

    Eric, or as most knew him, Annabelle aka I3lunt T0k3r is no longer with us. 

    Many of us have known him in an RSC setting for several years.  his death is a true loss to our ever shrinking community.

    However much we feel at a loss over Eric's passing, his family and friends are truly devastated.
    Eric leaves behind a wife, and 2 young children, and many other family and friends.

    As a community, we would ask that anyone who can, please donate to his family's GoFundMe.
    We may not have all known Eric in real life, but he ... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    We are happy to announce that this weekend we will have three different activities to keep you busy as well as make sure that Wilderness is full of action.

    Double XP won't be claimable after:
    First of all, we'll be hosting a double xp weekend, as in our past double xp events, Devil XP character will be waiting for you in Edgeville to give you 24 hours of double xp up to two times. Double experience can be claimed any time during saturday or sunday, if you claim double xp at the end of sunday, you'll still get remaining hours of double xp ... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Jagex says Farewell to RuneScape Classic

    Fellow RuneScape Classic enthusiasts,

    We were surprised and a bit saddened to hear that on August 6th, Jagex's RuneScape Classic will be taken offline. "After such date," we are told, "it will no longer be possible to log in to the Classic game" again. (At least, not the original Jagex-hosted game.)


    We logged countless hours on vanilla Classic in ... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    RSCRevolution Rules & Guidelines  (-Here-)
    All Custom RSCR Features!  (-Here-) 
    RSCR promotional video  (-Here-) 
    Join us on DISCORD  (-Here-)
    Skill cape buffs... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.
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    Poll - Results

    Should we release Runecrafting in addition to Slayer?

  • 68%- Yes, do it in a way that's healthy for the runes economy
    403 votes
  • 32%- No, this skill doesn't belong in classic
    193 votes
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