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Happy Thanksgiving RSCRevolution! 24 Nov 2021 22:45


Pilgrim Hat

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Edgeville border Pking 33 21 Nov 2021 13:52


Rewards to leaders at the end of event

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Clue Weekend 19 Nov 2021 00:00


Clue rewards!

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News & Updates

Dear RSCRevolution players

To Celebrate the American Thanksgiving we will be releasing a new holiday item called “Pilgrim Hat”.  You can obtain this rare item amongst many other goodies by defeating Turkey NPCS around the map.

Along with this new item there will also be Mini Quests
-    Thomas Jefferson – Collect 2500 Turkey Feathers– One 50k XP Reward in a choice of 5 skills.
-    Abraham Lincoln – Collect 100 Pumpkin Pies (dropped by Non-boss Turkeys) – Reward 50 Wishbones (bury for prayer xp, untradeable)
-    George Washington - Find 4 items around the map (Leaf, Tomato Mixtu... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Clue Time

What's up Rev!

Guess what? .................. It's clue time

THIS WEEKEND (starting on Friday, because that's the weekend too, right?) Easy and Medium clues will spawn in Edge so you don't have to gather them yourselves.  This will run from Nov 19th - 21st

And during the American Thanksgiving break (Nov 25th - 28th) Hard clues will be spawning in edge


Check back later for another post with more information for the 25-28th!

Happy Reving

-RSCR Staff team... Read more

Posted by Mod T.


Mod Anti will be hosting a wilderness drop party. ::event will be set in wildy.

There will be 250 million GPs worth of items dropped.

Hope to see you all there!

Good booty.

You will die. You will lose all stuff not equipped. You will get angry, but you will use that anger as fuel. Fuel to come back to seek revenge.
3. Anything in your equipment tab will remain on death.
4. All drops that can be equipped... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Wow another year has go by and it's time for our Halloween event! There will be lots of spooky goings on around RSCRevolution, prepared to be scared, prepare to battle, prepare to grind away for this years holiday items!

Draynor Manor - Haunted House! - Melzar maze inspired Halloween boss

To start the Haunted house speak to Lurch at Draynor Manor, I hope you have an invite!

You will have to fight your way through ghosts and ghouls in search of keys that fit the door to progress to the next room, all keys are stackable and all NPCs will drop all colour keys during the maze. Bring plen... Read more

Posted by Terror.

- All Mercenary armours added to Thrander.
- Red Mercenary armour added to store, all skirts and female tops removed but can convert at thrander. (yes purple plate is missing)
- Death match more players messages so you know what's going on.
- Quick gear fixed - no more missing items.
- Sledgehammers - can be used in combat against gargoyles.
- New idle timers ::idletimer 5, ::idletimer 10 and ::idletimer 15 need to be gold subbed to use 10 and platinum to use 15
- Smithing cape fixed -  should now work with chance of smelting 2 gold bars at once.
- Batched torch salving. (this is currently bug... Read more

Posted by Terror.

A skilling weekend is upon us.

The last event delivered a great deal of benefits to all kinds of players on the server, giving them opportunities to complete certain skills & tasks in the comfort of a vast and bespoke skilling area.

What can be expected?

Firstly, you can expect the following, but not limited to;
[*]Ranges, Anvils, Furnaces etc. within mere steps of a Bank Chest[/*]
[*][color=cyan]Iron, Coal, Mith, Adamantite, Runite & Rune Essence mining rocks[... Read more

Posted by Mod Playah.

September 2021

We hope you all enjoyed August Birthday month. It was great to see so many of you participating and hope you all got at least something you wanted from the Pinatas.
The tokens will no longer drop, but the store will remain in place for a few more days to give you time to spend any tokens, remember after the event the tokens will be worthless so you may as well spend them whilst you can.

September will have a more chilled vibe about it whilst we get ready for Halloween then Christmas is just around the corner!

Clue rewards have been adjusted with the following additions/adjustments:
-    Removed... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Hey Guys! I am hosting a level 3s boxing event for purple party hat! And a 5m survival before! Rules are you bring your own food and super sets. These donations come from mod anti, Dolius, and tha playah. The event will be on the 5th of September 4am GMT 8 which is Australian time hope to see you there smile

Posted by Mod Anti.

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Should we add the name to unidentified herbs? for example 'uncleaned ranarr'

You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

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