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Tokens may be exchanged on the website for subscription cards in the game!

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Instructions: Select the character which you want to buy the item for. Make sure the character is LOGGED OUT before purchasing to ensure the item arrives safely in its bank.

Note: Our XP rates are multiplied from original RSC rates.

  • Nonsubscribers receive 8x combat, 3x magic/ranging/prayer, and 2x non-combat skill rates.
  • Nonsubscribers get logged out after 5 minutes AFK, and have a 15 second global chat timeout.
  • Subscribe your character for the benefits listed below.

    Gold Subscription

    • +1X experience multiplier
    • 10 minute AFK logout timer.
    • 10 second global chat timer.
    • Slower fatigue rate.

    Cost: 1100 tokens

    Platinum Subscription

    Stacks with Gold Subscription

    • +2X combat XP rate
    • +2X magic/ranging/prayer XP rate.
    • +1X Skill XP rate
    • 1.75 x  Batch Count
    • 5 second global chat timer.
    • 15 minute AFK timer

    Cost: 2200 tokens