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  • Server: Online

  • Players online: 91

  • Characters: 107,291

  • Active players during 48 hours: 1,893

  • Registrations Today: 23

  • XP Rates (compared to Classic):

    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits:

      Normal: 8x Gold: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic:

      Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x
    • Skills:

      Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
    • Additional:

      Wildy: +1x cmb Skulled in wildy : +0.5x cmb Hotspot: +50% all XP

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  • Unique Bosses

  • Improved dueling

    We have added 3 new rules and configurable equipment rules!

    Stake just the way you like it

  • Thriving PK Scene

    Relive the glorious combat of RuneScape Classic

    in wilderness and custom battles!

  • Moderator & Automated Events

    Hide & Seek, Box, Deathmatch, Race, Hunger Games & more

    Automated Lottery, Survival, Tournament

  • Treasure Trails

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  • Join hundreds of players

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    Sell and buy with ease in our in-game market!

  • Bestiary

    Size up monsters and their drops with ease.

    Think of it as your RuneScape Pokédex!

  • World map released!

    With our new in-game worldmap you never get lost

  • Skill Guides

    Optimize your training session with our seamless GUI -

    Years of expertise at your fingertips!

  • Quest Guides

    You'll never need a second window for quest guides again!

    Our GUI is a handy resource for original & new quests alike.

    Hi all,

    Free PKing weekend is live until Monday, which means the Cursed Warrior in Edgeville will provide free rune sets, food, potions, and unlimited casts. These items will disappear on Monday.

    Border PK Changes

    We have also made some changes to the border north of Edgeville to accommodate and promote 33s PKing. We have big plans for the PKing scene for the end of this year.
    In particular the following has been changed:

    [*]PKing global chat (channel ::2) will now notify players of how many 33s are at Edgeville border.
    [b]Edgeville border is defined as Lvl 1-3 wild in Edgev... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    We have released a minor update to our client, these are the following changes:
    [*]Added commas to price entering fields, to hopefully, help players avoid mistakes while typing prices;[/*]
    [*]The Private tab on the client will start blinking indefinitely until you send a PM or click on the tab. Hopefully less messages will go unanswered, at the moment, the tab will blink only for a few seconds. Login or logout messages will no longer trigger the blinking.[/*]
    [*]Fixed bug of ashes not showing up on the ground;[/*]
    [*]Fixed party hats not showing up in Rares tab of the Auction House;[/... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Deadman mode characters have been converted to regular characters and are now available to be logged into.

    Characters that had a subscription received 10 days added to the subscription time. Experience has been recalculated to the main game experience rate, inventory, equipment, bank and market collectables have been wiped.

    Posted by Kleio.

    Deadman mode is returning to RSCR, this game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. We won't be having a separate server for Deadmen, they will be playing on the same world as regular players. These will be a new character type just like iron-men, addition of the mode won't affect regular players.

    Deadman mode beta test

    Starting now, Deadman mode beta test is available for players, any player on the test server can expect to win a prize of 500k every 45 minutes or so, players reporting bugs will get rewards as well. To be ... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Today we're releasing an updated client with various tweaks, the two most visible, or actually something you can hear:

    • Fixed client sounds, should have all the authentic sounds now;
    • Updated the bone ground item hiding/showing settings to what players requested: you can now show only bones or hide bones separately, hiding and showing is now instant.
    • Hiding the bones will now affect regular bones, bat bones, big bones and dragon bones.


    ATTENTION: If your client does not auto update on andro... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    When logging in, you will notice that the client has been updated.

    The update is mostly Deadman Mode related preparations and edits to the way their banks work and safety deposit box has been added.

    Since Deadmen will most likely will be doing a lot of training that will be non-afk and will require clicking, we have added a client setting to hide bone ground items. When you disable the bones, you won't see any new regular bones on the ground.


    If you have issues updating on android, please uninstall the application and re-d... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    For past couple weeks pk'ing community has requested a few changes to the way our client works and we're happy to announce that today we have released a new client version with some of the requests implemented:
    [*]Client command ::logout has been removed;[/*]
    [*]Right click menu on a chat message while being in wilderness has been removed, to prevent accidental right clicks on a message while pk'ing;[/*]
    [*]Magic spell book and prayer book scroll positions will now be saved on logout, when you login to a character the scroll position will be wherever it was left before logging out. Th... Read more

    Posted by Kleio.

    Easter Bunny is now allowed to be caught twice before he teleports. When one player catches him, a 20 seconds timer starts and within that timeframe another player can catch him before he teleports to a new spot.

    Catching him with your own character won't be possible and is not allowed. If staff finds out that you've been cheating the system, your eggs will be wiped.

    Posted by Kleio.
    Item Name Amount Price (Total / Each) Expires in Status

    Poll - Results

    Should we limit a PKer from using multiple of their own characters to attack the same character?

  • 77%- Yes, by preventing his own additional characters from attacking the same character
    163 votes
  • 7%- Yes, by reducing the amount of total damage he can deal to the same character
    15 votes
  • 13%- No, don't limit players from multibox PKing the same target
    27 votes
  • 4%- Other
    8 votes
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