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  • Game

  • Server: Online

  • Players online: 39

  • Characters: 118,552

  • Active players during 48 hours: 1,034

  • Registrations Today:3

  • XP Rates (compared to Classic):

    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits:

      Normal: 8x Gold: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic:

      Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x
    • Skills:

      Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
    • Additional:

      Wildy: +1x cmb Skulled in wildy : +0.5x cmb Hotspot: +50% all XP
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News & Updates

Changes on Team Fort
- Tweaked 2IP boundary, so you should get to KBD without a problem.
- Changed team requirement; You need to be in a team only inside Team Fort, instead of the whole 2IP area.

Poison antidote timer message
- You will now get a dialogue message in green, informing you when half of the Poison antidote's effect time has passed.
- When the Antidote has lost all its effects, you will get a dialogue message in red informing you it has all worn off.

Team Bank pin
- If you have set yourself a Bank pin, Team Bank will now ask for it. Same as your own regular B... Read more

Posted by Nisti.


-Loading screen has been fixed, so that it is not stuck on the first process
-Controls for android have been remade from scratch, to give you a better gameplay experience. Controls are now more responsive!
-Pinch to zoom added
-2 finger swipe to rotate camera mode option, and 1 finger also which is default.
-New settings for Android:

-Improvements to the world map! Pinch to zoom!

Client Core

-Added an optional setting for 'Drop All' for... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.

-Fixed new gauntlets being worn with rare Zamorak plate and Gilded plates
-Dragon Dagger Poison inflicting  damage on every hit has been fixed
-Fixed Noterazzo npc right click shop not working 
-Fixed rock obstacle giving messages about Iban to players at swamp slimes in eastern wilderness slayer dungeon
-Fixed crumbled rocks at Underground pass  incorrectly taking players to Digsite
-Fixed - path finding issue in legends guild 2nd floor, walking you through a wall to go down the stairs
-Yanni - Antique Store Owner in Shilo Village- dialogue has been fixed
-Pike were added to the catchabl... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.


- Fixed game-server not sending login verification email


- Saved character login glitch is patched
- ::kd will now show skulled kills
- ::info will now include the slayer skill


- Wildy Slayer Master will no longer give you a Lava Golem task if you are not 85+ slayer
- All players need excess blocked tasks removed  - this means if you had more than 5 tasks still blocked, they have been removed
- Add Slayer requirement to gate for Karamja Volcano Expansion  - you now need level 60 slayer to enter the area
- Multiple slayer torches appearing in inventory ... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.

- Fixed lvl 54 Skeletons and Moss giant IDs to work with wildy slayer master tasks
- Improved Karamja Volcano expansion layout
- Added Slayer's Fountain -  Located inside the Castle at Savage Slough, and Edgeville - Used for charging slayer amulet

New Items

Dragon Dagger - 40 Aim and Power - Weapon poison can be used on it to make a poison dragon dagger
Dropped By:

  • Venom Bombers


[... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.

Login Bug FIXED
Also... take a look at this wink


Slayer Updates

Ice Golems!
- Level 60 slayer
- Location is = Asgarnia Ice Dungeon Expansion (South West of Port Sarim, underground)
- Slayer Torch needed to kill
- Rare Drop = Magnetic Ring ( Gathers 33% of your arrows shot )

Lava Golems!
- Level 85 slayer
- Location is = Karamja Volcano Expansion - Entrance on East side, near Lesser Demons
- Liquid Nitrogen is needed to kill
- Rare Drop = Dragon Hatchet (less chance of dropping a tree when wood cutting)

[h... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.

-Fixed enrage potion not affecting some NPCs.
-Added swordfish only fishing spot to Team Fort
-There was huge 1 IP area in members wild around the drop party area, it has been fixed.

Posted by n0m.


-- Max Cape can now only be worn once you are 1881 skill total
-- Slayer Task Blocking is now limited to 5 blocks
-- Extending Slayer tasks is limited to 1 extension per task
-- Blocking or Unblocking Slayer tasks works correctly and gives a confirmation dialogue
-- The price for charging Slayer Staves has been cut in half, and the amount of casts per charge increased to 1k
-- New ::slayerinfo command
-- Slayer Master Shop items now restore without needing to close the shop
-- Slayer items from the shops ( troll bait, dynamite, silver bolts, etc ) have also been given a drastic p... Read more

Posted by Pepsi.

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