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61s Staker Build Tournament 18 Oct 2020 17:00


Purple Party Hat & 10 mill gp

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News & Updates


Rescheduled to the 31st

Level 61 Staker Event
Will be a 61's Staker Build Tournament On [10/31/20 ] At 1PM EST         

1st Place Purple Party Hat
                                 2nd Place  10M Gp

Staker Builds
They need to be exactly the way that they need to be to do 61 Stakes in Edge.
There is the same Duel Screen with Offset.
The only difference is that it is a Tournament.

         Not Superman Builds

                                                       You have until the 18th to make one
... Read more

Posted by Mod Cash.

The Revenant has returned!

Be warned, the Revenant has arisen to fight again during this haunted holiday!

He drops PK gear and goods, Mercenary coloured battle axes, and a chance to drop at a birthday cake!

The Revenant roams around in the eastern 1v1 wilderness north of Varrock, so go well-geared and with friends.

He will run to eat and cast on you like a real PKer; he also has three prayers: (50% block range, mage, or melee). He has 30 foods each food heals up to 20hp. He will reattack you!

You can get his location by typing ::revenant remember he will always be east on wildy.

H... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Mercenary Amulets have been released!

You will find as a rare drop from the KBD, plague and Reaper the following:
Red Mercenary Amulet - KBD
Cyan Mercenary Amulet - REAPER
Orange Mercenary Amulet - PLAGUE
Green Mercenary Amulet - PLAGUE
Blue Mercenary Amulet - REAPER

These are UNTRADEABLE so if you wish to complete your Fashionscape you will need to earn these by killing the bosses.

The Revenant is coming soon he will drop the mercenary battle axes.


Halloween is quickly app... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Ironman Competition has now ended

Steyox - Top 1 OVERALL skill total Prize - 100 Euros real life cash & Red Christmas Cracker & Scythe
Iron Chunk - Top 1 Prayer - 10k Dragon bones.
Iron Dean    - Top 1 Magic - 10k Fire Blasts.
Iron Chair     - Top 1 Cooking - Witches Broom.
Pepe Le Pew - Top 1 Woodcut - Black Dragon Mask.
Ironik - Top 1 Fletching- Rainbow Party Hat.
ChasingPixel - Top 1 Fishing - Red Dragon Mask.
Katalepsy    - Top 1 Firemaking –  Blue Party Hat.
Ir0n Crispy - Top 1 Crafting – Cyan Party Hat.
Daft Punk    - Top 1 Smithing – Pink Party Hat.
ChasingPixel - Top 1 Minin... Read more

Posted by Terror.

We hope you are all enjoying the 7th Birthday of RSCRevolution. This Saturday will be a wilderness drop party!

Everyone is invited to the exclusive wilderness drop party event hosted by the staff team, which will take place the 22nd at 9pm UTC, or:


2 PM in California
5 PM in New York
5 PM in Toronto, Canada
10PM in the UK
11PM in Sweden
12PM in Finland
Of course, the more drops, the merrier! If you would like to contribute to this wonderful event through a donation, please get in touch with any of our staff members. Items are preferre... Read more

Posted by Terror.

On Wednesday, 19th August (this week) RSCRevolution turns 7 years old!

The mod team have decided to host some big events to celebrate this massive achievement.

Starting at 8pm UK Time.


Mod Hosted Events in arena

Level 3 boxing - Prize to winner is Green Party Hat - second place wins 10,000,000gp (no weapons or armour)
Flats boxing - Prize to winner White Party Hat - second place wins 10,000,000gp (no weapons or armour)
F2P Flats - Prize to winner Blue Party Hat - second place wins 10,000,000gp

You will need to bring yo... Read more

Posted by Terror.

The Birthday cake event is now live!

Everything you do in game where you gain XP has a possibility of gaining a cake. The cakes will automatically go into your inventory. When you eat the cake you will find several surprises inside.

We suggest you just play the game as you normally would or perhaps use the opportunity to complete that skill you never got around to completing.

We will keep a close eye on the drops and will have a special discord feed showing any rares gained from cakes. We may adjust this during the month to keep things nicely balanced.

We have tested things as much ... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Hello everyone. First of all, we’d like to thank those loyal players among us that are still sticking around, we know you have choices but believe us you made the right choice with us, August is RSCrevolutions birthday month! Crazy that we have been going for 7 long years now, many other servers have come and gone, and we are still here doing our thing. I'd like to inform our community about the latest developments, future of the server and of course activities of next month.

New leadership

I'd like to begin by congratulating Mod Terror in becoming the Administrator of RSCRevolution... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

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