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    I would like to announce what's been going on and details about our plans, what the current state is and how we will be moving forward from here.
    I have been working every day non-stop for two months and half months now, there have been # big updates and few new things that we've changed in management, policy and structure.

    We have let things slide a bit for a long time and it was time to "get a grip" and make everything as they should be, as many of you have noticed I've been more active not only on development but customer service, managing staff and solving issues, making deci... Read more

    Posted by n0m.

    We are proud to introduce an All New, RSCR Exclusive 1V1 , 16 Player Tournament!

    The tournament is for 16 players of any level!
    Yes, that means even a level 3 can join and win!

    Once you enter the tournament, you are automatically changed to 123 combat!

    You are automatically geared for PK!

    When you defeat your opponent, there will be a food replenishment drop. (Be sure to pick it up before advancing.)

    Once you replenish your food, simply advance through the door to meet up with yo... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    Double XP Days!

    As you all know, we have had 2 incidents in a short period of time.

    We will be compensating for those incidents with Double XP.
    Double XP will not stack with any other form of double XP (e.g. easter eggs), but WILL stack with wilderness XP like ::skull or ::hotspot!
    Double XP days will be
    1. Saturday - 17 February
    2. Wednesday - 21 February
    3. Saturday - 24 February

    A couple bug fixes.

    1. Combat selector not saving your choice on log out has been fixed.
    2. Team XP / Levels not saving has also been fixed

    As Always, Thank you for being a part of RSCR!... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    Some of you may not be aware, but our "Official" Discord channel has changed.
    Please be sure to visit the website and click on the invite listed on the end of this post.
    We want to continue offering you assistance, so it is important to be in the Official Discord Channel.
    We can not guarantee you will get assistance without you there!

    !!!!!!!! [url= Read more

    Posted by Mod White.

    Server Rollback

    The server went down for an update, unfortunately, it was not a clean shutdown.  Therefore, we regret to inform everyone that we have had  rollback of a few hours.

    We understand how frustrating this may be to everyone and apologize sincerely!

    We will keep you updated as best we can.

    Please do not rant over losing items or xp. We understand it happened to everyone.

    n0m is working extremely hard to get everyone back to where they were before this happened!  PLEASE be patient and calm

    Stay tuned for more info.

    RSCR Staff

    EDIT: Billy and nisti are restoring items for players who lo... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    Hello ya'll!

    After releasing our amazing worldmap and client optimizations we kept working hard and are ready to announce improved dueling interface, along with new rules to duel.

    What's changed?

    - Interface has been completely remade for new rules to fit in.

    - Equipment rules; you can now choose one by one which equipment is allowed in your duel.

    - In turn, we have deleted the "No weapons" rule. Equipment rules are now replacing this option.

    - Hitpoint Of... Read more

    Posted by Nisti.

    We have had a feature available for some time now, that we forgot to announce.  We have made it so that you can have 10 in game characters per forum account.  In addition to this feature, we are able to transfer your characters to another of your forum accounts. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, you must contact a Senior Moderator or an Administrator vis Discord. 

    We DO NOT charge for this feature!!

    As always,
    Thank you for being a part of RSCR

    RSCR Staff... Read more

    Posted by Mod Pepsi.

    We'd like to congratulate and extend a warm welcome to our newest moderators!

    These players were chosen for their deep knowledge, helpfulness, and teamwork in all aspects of the game and community. Please welcome:

    -Mod Anti, who is the player Antiman,
    -Mod Cmann, who is the player Cmann,
    -Mod Lucki, who is the player Jadyn,
    -Mod Rotta, who is the player Semirotta.

    Add their mod accounts in game! Modding can be tough and thankless so please be kind smile

    We... Read more

    Posted by Billy.
    Item Name Amount Price (Total / Each) Expires in Status


    Where/when should the wilderness be f2p? (Note: North of fence, edge dungeon, lava maze & red dragons will remain p2p + gmage enabled)

  • 41%- All west wildy below fence always f2p, East always p2p, no rotation.
    52 votes
  • 19%- West wildy below fence usually f2p, East usually p2p, but with rotation.
    24 votes
  • 40%- Don't make a permanent f2p area / Other.
    51 votes
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