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What a year we all have had and I would like to personally thank you all for your continued support of the server.

We are very much looking forward to 2021 with lots of plans for the server to give you all more to do!

Introduction of Player mods

The first major change coming into 2021 is the introduction of player mods. There will be 3 different tiers of player mods bronze, silver and gold. You do not need to apply to become a player mod, this will be offered to players who are seen to actively help other players (especially new players) and if chosen will give your player account additional abilities but will not give your player account any advantages in game, so you can continue to play as always. There will be 3 new crowns to show players your new ranking. This will only be offered to standard player accounts, you will not be able to share these accounts with anyone and will require 2 factor enabled. The current mod roles will continue as normal.

Worldwide Double XP

Worldwide Double XP will run from 25th until 27th December

New Christmas Boss

The head elf in edgeville will teleport you to the Krampus lair.

New Holiday Tokens

You will be able to gain Christmas 2020 tokens starting today and ending 31st December.

Christmas Token Store

- Hot Cocoa - 300 tokens
- Present - 1000 tokens
- Krampus Cane 5000 Tokens
- Krampus Horns 8000 Tokens


Presents will also have a chance at some new items.

Rudolph hide and seek

The popular Rudolph hide and seek will be returning this year.

You can participate in a recurring, world wide hide-n-seek!
Simply grab a Compass from the table near Edgeville bank. use it in the regular world to track down his location!
You must complete the Rudolph Mini quest prior to participating in this event.
He drops a key to unlock the Rudolph's Treasure Chest in Edgeville
Find him multiple times to upgrade your key for better prizes!
Hurry though, your treasure key disappears only 20 minutes after it is first picked up!

Three new Mini quests

You may have noticed that Rudolph and Mrs Claus has been offering out mini quests in edgeville for the last week or so. The final instalment of these quests will be released shortly. Our very own Sirid will challenge you to run the gauntlet to kill Umbaman (npc). There will be a 10 minute time limit to really test what you're made of!

New Sub token store

(coming really soon)
Players are often asking to be able to purchase items from our webstore this is especially true for those players who wish to just PK and not skill for their items.

We're introducing a brand new store where once you have purchase gold subscription cards you will be able to redeem them for supplies: More info coming soon.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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