Family Crest Quest is bugged, please help/fix.

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Hi mods,

Upon doing the Family Crest Quest, I am stuck on the first son, Caleb. When he finishes the first part of his dialogue, I am supposed to get two dialogue options to select to complete his quest dialogue but they do not appear for what ever reason. This makes it impossible to complete the quest as I cannot progress any further with him. I have searched online guides and viewed Youtube vids to see if I have done anything wrong/steps that I have missed, and everything that I have done leading up to that point of the quest is correct. I have even made 2 new alts to test this and all of them are having the same problem.

PLEASE could you look into this issue/bug and fix this, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!

I really need the gauntlets to further progress my account and am a completionist so would like to also have that quest ticked off.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and hopefully get this addressed for new players and myself. smile

Keep up the awesome work as per usual! <3

Best regards,