Events tonight in memory of Scooby23 + New Mod

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We are doing some Events tonight in the memory of our fallen soldier Scooby23. Glad to see the community strong as ever. Online count hit 110+ today!

Also: Welcome New Moderator Mod Tara! Aka Katara in game. She has been a part of our community for over a year now, has a vast knowledge and love for the game/donates regularly and is more than plenty active as a player. Now she wants to donate her time in helping us build our RSCR Mod Team for the future!

[Donations for tonights events by Mason Rahl]

[Scooby23 + Annabelle standing strong in Edge]



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Thanks for the post Cash. Scooby was a great dude, one of the chillest and nicest guys I've met on this server. We spent lots of time as newbie mods together, learning the ropes and coordinating events and then after we quit being mods. Always sad to see someone go, especially so young. Rest In Peace my dude.

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R.I.P. Scooby23
Welcome Mod Tara

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Rest in peace, Scooby sad

And Grats, Katara!