Mercenary Amulets - Double XP Halloween Plans - Wildy Drop Party

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Mercenary Amulets have been released!

You will find as a rare drop from the KBD, plague and Reaper the following:
Red Mercenary Amulet - KBD
Cyan Mercenary Amulet - REAPER
Orange Mercenary Amulet - PLAGUE
Green Mercenary Amulet - PLAGUE
Blue Mercenary Amulet - REAPER

These are UNTRADEABLE so if you wish to complete your Fashionscape you will need to earn these by killing the bosses.

The Revenant is coming soon he will drop the mercenary battle axes.


Halloween is quickly approaching and as always we love to celebrate this holiday. To kick things off we are going to have a Double XP enabled worldwide on the weekend of 31st and 1st.

We will shortly be enabling spooky World.

While obtaining skilling experience you can earn halloween tokens that you can use in Halloween shop.

Halloween shop

By talking to Halloween NPC you can access the holiday shop in which you can buy items for Halloween tokens. Shop will be available only during Halloween event time.
You will be able to spend those tokens on new rares and some familiar ones.

- Cup of Coffee 250 Tokens (fatigue rate is slowed down by 50% for two hours);
- Bag of goods for 500 (contains random items);
- Wieldable Cauldron
- Wieldable Sickle
- Wearable Cat Ears

Dates for diary:

- 61s Staker Build Tournament 18th October - 1PM EST.
- Wilderness Drop Party Saturday 24th October - 1PM EST.
- Double XP Weekend 31st October -1st September


Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Good Stuff!

I just want to give props to Mod Tara for singlehandedly coming up with all three of the new Rare Items!!! Already doing big things, no doubt a great addition to the Mod Team!

Also thank you Terror for these Merc Amulets we all have been waiting for because they are AWESOME looking!

Last but not least, thanks to the rest of us all on the Staff Team for making things happen and also the players along the ride with us for the love of RSC. I see a bright future ahead for RscR!

Happy Halloween Everyone!




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Sounds great! My only suggestion is we need more bank space soon as well. Gotta love all the cool custom stuff but gotta have the room to store it all!

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Sick! But as someone with full purple merc I'm slightly disappointed theres no purp axe or ammy? Still hyped on this though

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Guario said:

Sick! But as someone with full purple merc I'm slightly disappointed theres no purp axe or ammy? Still hyped on this though

blue and red mixed together make purple.

Please don't read the rules.

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great job folks, looks like fun.

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