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Iron-Man competition Rules

-    No Character Sharing. This will be checked before any prizes are rewarded.
-    Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
-    No Automation of any kind is allowed.
-    It is not a requirement to subscribe it is highly recommended you do so on your ironman; you can do this via the website for real life cash or alternatively you can “use” subscription cards on your ironman from alt characters.
-    Anyone caught bug abusing will be disqualified from the competition.
-    All normal rules apply, if your account is banned during the event it will be disqualified from the competition even if it is in 1st Place at the time.
-    There will be no hiding your character from the highscores, this will be disabled.

Events and prizes:

Top 1 OVERALL skill total Prize - 100 Euros real life cash & Red Christmas Cracker & Scythe
Top 1 Prayer - 10k Dragon bones.
Top 1 Magic - 10k Fire Blasts.
Top 1 Cooking - Witches Broom.
Top 1 Woodcut - Black Dragon Mask.
Top 1 Fletching- Rainbow Party Hat.
Top 1 Fishing - Red Dragon Mask.
Top 1 Firemaking –  Blue Party Hat.
Top 1 Crafting – Cyan Party Hat.
Top 1 Smithing – Pink Party Hat.
Top 1 Mining - White Party Hat.
Top 1 Herblaw –  Orange Party Hat.
Top 1 Agility –  Purple Party Hat.
Top 1 Thieving - Green Party Hat.
Top 1 Ranged - A quantity of arrows.
Top 1 Slayer – Black Party Hat.

What is an ironman?

Ironman is a mode where players cannot trade, drop trade, get loot from PvP or trade through shops. It's a 100% self-sufficient account. Which mean players will have to gather their own goods to complete quests.
Ironman cannot trade
Ironman cannot drop trade
Ironman cannot abuse shops to trade
Ironman cannot get loots from dueling/pking

Best of luck everyone!

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Wish this event was possible for more people to attempt. I work 40+ hours a week, no point for me to even try.

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Zaye said:

Wish this event was possible for more people to attempt. I work 40+ hours a week, no point for me to even try.

I know where you're coming from bro, but tbh it is what it is. Guys with the time to goto the gym 7 days a week are gonna be stronger than you; guys that can play RSCR 12-16 hours a day gonna win more pixels than you.

Too late to amend the rules now, but maybe next time we do a competition we can limit playtime to like 3 hours a day. Or maybe even make it so you have a month to get the best stats you can, but you only have 24 hours of play time until you get locked out. Either solution would give those of us without the free time to still compete. Most efficient/smartest player will win.

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Im retired from RSC scene but nice to know event like that is running for players to enjoy. GJ.


Good call numb nuts, now the wilds more dead than ever. This is why the pkers shouldn't have an opinion. It's a skillers wild, the pkers are followers and always have been. They log in for 30 mins a day and if there isn't any pk it's more like 5 mins. Let the great ideas come from the people who play the game for hours.