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Hello everyone,

we're looking to add more pk enthusiasts to our staff team, so we have a fair representation of skillers and pk'ers in staff. If you'd like to join our staff team and organize creative combat related events, give staff input about what pk scene needs, please apply here and/or pm me directly on Discord.

We're also looking for people interested in helping out the community in other aspects, if you're interested in making RSCR a better place for everyone, please apply.

RSCR moderators have access to over 60 commands that were developed over 5+ years of server running, they can spawn objects, npc's and implement their own landscapes. We also have very powerful and complex backend with fantastic player action logging that help us resolved player issues, complaints rather fast. We're looking for people who will actively put these tools to work and keep the action going!

If you have any recommendations, please let us know!

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Hey Kleio smile

Ex RSCRevolution Moderator. https://www.twitch.tv/mrgava

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Starting another small ad campaign for the server. *thumbs up


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