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Hello everyone, it’s time for an update regarding development status and near future plans of the server.

Current development

If you’ve been online for the past couple weeks or so, you may have noticed that we’ve been restarting the server often and there are weird issues popping up here and there. This is because our server core is getting a major rework.

Over the past 5+ years that RSCR has been online we have added a lot of custom content that added up to the complexity of game processing. Multiple developers with varying levels of experience have developed for RSCR and the code hasn’t always been most efficient, or sometimes we’ve just been in a rush. These things add up and over time all the bad coding practices, shortcuts have taken their toll.

For the majority of this year n0m has spent cleaning up fundamental parts of our server, rewriting inefficient parts and removing worst cases of bad coding practices. He has begun testing the new better performing server which is why you’re seeing new bugs or other weird issues, since our team is so small, proper testing can only be done through pushing new changes straight to production. We apologize if you’ve experienced any downtime or were unable to enjoy RSCR, but this is part of the process to achieve greater performance, low latency and events running not affecting different parts of the game. Most of the work is already done and the community should start noticing greater stability, responsiveness and general smoothness of the server as well as our client.

N0m leaving

As some of you may have already heard, n0m is leaving RSCRevolution. He is one of the founders of RSCR and without a doubt the biggest contributor to RSC development of past years. He was the one who brought RuneScape to your Android devices, has written the majority of RSCR core and good part of the content as well. N0m, Fate and Kevin were the first to replicate RSC content to RSCR, all skills and quests were closely studied from the original game and various data dumped via third party clients such as dialogue, drops, object spawns, npc spawns. After most of the replications were done N0m blessed us with many quality of life improvements that are a must have in any proper RSC private server today, that most of us probably take for granted today, some of N0ms original content I say sincere Thank You for:

  • Android client
  • Way improved banking with search, scrolling, bank notes, ect.
  • Auction house
  • Batched skilling/actions
  • In-game world map
  • Treasure trails
  • Teams, team skills, team fort
  • Que system for automated events
  • Sprites with greyscale and bluescale that allowed us to have trimmed armour and other cool sprites and npc's we have now. As well as new sprite archiving and editing tools.
  • Massively developed server back-end that enables mods to give great support to the player base

He's done much more, but these are the unique things I remember of the top of my head.

In my opinion, N0m has been the only one moving private server scene forward for all these years and forcing others to work harder to keep up. After Fate left RSCR, he started a new server and unfortunately with that our server source with fully replicated content and Android support became available to anyone in 2017. Not many know the origins of who’s been behind all that and moving the scene forward all these years. To get to where RSCR is now with all the content we have has taken thousands of hours of work and nobody should discredit or forget N0m’s contribution to RSC scene. If not for him, lot’s of us would have much worse experience getting our RSC fix over the years.

After the substantial rework of the server I’ve mentioned before, N0m will leave us with a cleaned up server requiring less maintenance, technical managing and it will be easier to develop for down the line. Going forward you will see him in public much less or not at all, it will be up to him how much or little he wants to be around. Regarding on what terms N0m is leaving, there is no conflict or any other issues, we’re not going completely separate ways, he will help us if there are any urgent issues requiring his expertise.

Future development

At the moment Nisti, n0m and I have access to RSCR code repositories, there are no plans that someone from the RSC community will be joining the team as an active developer.

Going forward we will have development sprints that will focus on not implementing new features or significant changes to the game, but bug fixes, quality of life improvements, player suggestions, fixing current content and finalizing what we’ve already released, like unfinished Slayer, Skill capes and their features. Next fixes and features will all mostly skilling related, for the past few months RSCR has given enough attention to combat related changes. We will be also having a look at what can be done about the current state of the game economy and what would be best solutions and community suggestions.

These development sprints will be mostly handled and developed by me or hired developers, I plan to make tasks that I will share as contractor jobs with developers of my inner circle. Content planning and creative decisions will be up to the RSCR Staff team and the community.

I will do my best to be transparent of what I’m and the team are working on and I hope to start a development journal since these sprints will be planned ahead. Community will be able to see the progress of the upcoming patch and it’s goals.

Upcoming Easter holiday

Easter holiday content will be developed by me and we already have plans for more original holiday content in RSC. Please allocate time for an Easter hunt that will once again get you to travel all around RuneScape, double xp of course and lot’s of moderator hosted events.


I’d like to boost confidence in the server by getting some fresh blood and hopefully some returning players. After a bunch of bug fixes this weekend and next week, I'll be starting an advertising campaign.

Donations and subscriptions

At the end of last year cancerous players were reporting and attacking us wherever possible and in the end my Discord and PayPal accounts were closed. Discord I could create new, but PayPal closure is permanent and believe me, I’ve tried to recover it. At the moment our store is closed and if you’d like to support the development, advertising or anything else about the server, you can contact me directly or staff members who will give instructions on how you can donate. A sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. In the sea of trolls and cancers of RSC, you guys are rock stars!

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I'm very grateful the staff is still willing to stay and maintain, but realistically IMO this is a huge blow to the server.  It's clear n0m is the best RSC programmer there is, unless someone else somehow decides to put in hundreds of hours of work into specializing in RSC code, but i really doubt it.  I know there's no bad blood, but is n0m leaving just because he's lost interest in the game altogether, or is RS1HD still a thing and he's going to focus on that?

Either way, sad to see you go n0m, but I totally get it.

Vet Paul
Iron Paul

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n0m what..?


Ex RSCRevolution Moderator.

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A huge thank you to n0m for everything along the years.
It sucks to lose you but as a coder myself I know that sometimes you just need a change of scenery and new projects to work on.

Good luck with your life, I still hope that you release your RS1HD project someday.

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Sad day man, N0m youre the best.

Whats the deal with getting the paypal attacked. what type of fucking loser does that:? Too much credit card fraud? damn man what a shame

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