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Thank you all for playing our Christmas Event this year! We are mindblown on how well it turned out and very happy about how many players ended up joining. The highest online count for this event happened at end of the event with over 240 online and 160 unique players!


It was very heartwarming to see the community back together, playing the game and giving us the feedback to make it even better next time!

Edgeville during last hour of event

We are extremely motivated to drive the server forwards and make it the place to be for everyone. As we have promised, the next game update will be for the skillers. Please let us know what you would like to see in the update smile

Thank you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

-RSCRevolution Team

NOTE: The event has ended, but we will keep Devil XP and Christmas Shop available till 1st of next year!

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Very nice!

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Great fun and was awesome seeing global so busy again. Been a really quiet few weeks through November and early December so was nice having some life in the server. Excited for the skilling update! Hopefully the people who just logged in for the holiday event and got party hats will stick around!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, the atmosphere in-game was fantastic this past week! And a warm than you to n0m and the rest of the staff in making this happen! Great ending for rocky 2019, but for very exciting 2020!

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Hats didn't go down at all because you gave them to all the hoarders.  Was a fun event, but did not address the inflated hat prices.  Next time take all the IPs that have been active over the months leading to xmas and enter them into a lotto.  Instead of awarding the VPN abuse of the hoarding community.


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I’ve had a lot of fun over this holiday season and look forward to the new year with all of you!

I appreciate all of the effort our staff team have put in towards making these recent events great and I can’t wait to see the upcoming skilling updates!

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<3 <3 <3

Ex RSCRevolution Moderator.

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa budddyyyyyyyy

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