RSCRevolution - Happy Christmas 2019 - New Cosmetic Item

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Firstly we would like to thank all you players for sticking with us this year, we appreciate you all, you are all what keeps the game alive. What a wild year it has been with some ups and dare I say our fair share of downs we have all finally made it to Christmas. We hope that you are all ready for this years events!

Speak to the Devil XP in edgeville for your fix of holiday double XP!
-Double XP given 6 hours at time, 6 times but the time counts down only when playing.

N0m and Nisti with rest of the team have been working their socks off or should I say busy knitting to introduce a new must have cosmetic item for all you fashionscapers!

The new range of scarfs in colours Red, Green and Blue

Christmas Shop 2019

- Cup of hot cocoa 250 Tokens
- Present 2019 500 Tokens
- Scarf (striped) Red 15000 Tokens
- Scarf (striped) Green 15000 Tokens
- Scarf (striped) Blue 15000 Tokens


Previous Christmas shops have also made a return 2018 & 2017 so if you still have left over Christmas tokens from way back then you can spend them again now!


The Grincher has returned!

Grincher Drops: (Must do 10% of total damage to get a drop)
-Present (Rare)
-50 Christmas Tokens (Always)

You can obtain the following from Presents
- Scarf (striped) Red (rare)
- Scarf (striped) Green (rare)
- Scarf (striped) Blue (rare)
- Elf hat (rare)
- Santa's Hat Red (rare)
- Death-Rune (250)
- Nature-Rune (250)
- Law-Rune (250)
- Chaos-Rune (250)
- Air-Rune (750)
- Fire-Rune (750)
- Swordfish (noted) (100)
- Ranarr Weed (noted) (10)
- Irit Leaf (noted) (10)
- Avantoe (noted) (10)
- Herb (noted) (10)
- Incomplete stew (Noted) (5)
- Diamond Amulet of power (noted) (5)
- Charged Dragonstone Amulet
- Rune Plate Mail Body
- Rune 2-handed Sword
- Rune Plate Mail Legs   
- Large Rune Helmet
- Rune Arrows (100)
- Dragon Bones (noted) (15)
- Dragon sword   
- Dragon axe

Reintroduce past holiday items

Party hats and possibly other low level holiday items will be reintroduced to the game in limited numbers by Mod hosted events. Some of these will be announced prior to event and others will be just on the fly as we fancy it.

Random Lottery for logged in players

The game will automatically select a random player at random times (1 chance per ip) and that player will receive a party hat, all you need to do is be logged in for a chance at being selected! (This will go live from the 22nd)

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

RSCRevolution Team

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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nice, will be fun for most

they took our jobs!


Good call numb nuts, now the wilds more dead than ever. This is why the pkers shouldn't have an opinion. It's a skillers wild, the pkers are followers and always have been. They log in for 30 mins a day and if there isn't any pk it's more like 5 mins. Let the great ideas come from the people who play the game for hours.

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Thank you for keeping us updated and thank you for improving the game with good content.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone! smile


Random Lottery for logged in players

Do we have to do ::buyticket? Will this just happen randomly or will be be announcements when this is about to happen?

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Should be able to get any phat in present, even if its one in a million...

More pk supps from presents
Pk supps for tokens

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