Halloween event starting

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We’re happy to announce that Halloween activities at RSCRevolution are starting, here is the content this year:

  • New permanent boss: The Plague;
  • New permanent costume items: Plague robes and animated lantern;
  • Trick or treating;
  • Halloween costume;
  • Halloween tokens for skilling;
  • Halloween shop;
  • Double experience;


New permanent boss: The Plague


This will be a new permanent boss who will remain in the game and will have a unique drop table. The Plague lair can be entered by talking to Halloween in Edgeville. When being dungeon you’ll need to have a light to see any monsters around you, this can be done by equipping a lit torch or lighting a fire. When being in the dungeon you’ll likely to get poisoned the plague.

The Plague will drop: Plague Mask, Plague Robe Bottom, Plague Robe Top, Lantern, 100 Tokens.

Trick or treating


In Edgeville there is a Halloween NPC that will send you on a trick or treating mission. You’ll be provided a list of ten people you’ll have to trick by disguising yourself as a monster they are scared of. You’ll be able to disguise yourself with the costume item you’ll be given. Use the costume on any NPC in the world, then wear it as a Halloween costume!


Completion of the list will reward you with 250 tokens.

Halloween tokens for skilling

While obtaining skilling experience you can get halloween tokens that you can use in Halloween shop.

Halloween shop

By talking to Halloween NPC you can access the holiday shop in which you can buy items for Halloween tokens. Shop will be available only during Halloween event time.

Cup of coffee for 250 (fatigue rate is slowed down by 50% for two hours);
Bag of goods for 500 (contains random items);
1 hour double xp for 2500;
Plague mask for 8330;
Plague top for 8330;
Plague bottom for 8330;
Lantern for 5000;

1 hour double XP is not an item, you simply buy 1 hour of double xp to be added to you character. Each new purchase adds one hour.


Double experience

This year we’re offering double experience during Halloween with a twist. From event start you can buy 1 Hour double xp, that will activate you the benefits for an hour.

Additionally we’re gonna have a usual double experience event from 31st to 2nd. Event will be terminated after 2nd.

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Nice work. I liked tokens!!!! smile

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Yayyyy I love it ? is the android client taking a but to get released?