Temporary Discord Server (Updated)

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August 11th news: Discord has disabled Kleio’s personal account which owned the discord server thus disabling the server. Kleio is trying to recover his account but meanwhile we have created a temporary discord server https://discord.gg/V84mc5z

We apologize for these issues.

August 20th update by Kleio: Hello, unfortunately for the past week our attempts to get my account and RSCRevolution Discord server has been unsuccessful. When contacting support Discord I've found without a doubt the worst customer support experience ever. I've been given a generic reason for the ban and deletion of our server and any attempts to get any more details, any information or answers to my questions have been completely unsuccessful. In total I've sent 11 different emails and filled out support form on their website three times... Too bad there is no number to call to speak to an actual person.

If anyone has any ideas of how to get better support from Discord, please let us know.

At the moment I'm probably giving up on this and temporary Discord server will become a permanent one.

RSCRevolution Team

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Temp invite no longer available it says

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runeknight95 said:

Temp invite no longer available it says

I've added a new invite link smile Thanks for pointing it out!