Few Fixes - Hardened Rune Kite and Chain - DMM Season 3Coming Soon!

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Hardened-Rune Kite and Hardened-Rune Chains

The long awaited Hardened-Rune Kite and Hardened-Rune Chain.  You create these just as other Hardened pieces, at the Mysterious Furnace under the Lava Maze. These items have +2 Armor and +3 prayer compared to regular rune chain and kite

Wilderness Towers
- Log out is now disabled in the tunnel system
- Anyone can now enter the dungeons!  You do not have to be in control to enter!

- Prayer Skill Guide updated and corrected

- Rune and Addy Gauntlet colors adjusted to match the armour a bit better.

A new season of DMM is in the works!  Full details coming soon!

Fixes from several days ago that I forgot to post

- Fixed gauntlets being able to be wielded with mercenary plate

- Fixed Wilderness Agility obstacle not allowing you to fail when you were doing a clue scroll

- Reset OnScreenInterface upon reconnecting

- Fixed God Agent poisoning through antidote.

- Fixes tower interfaces blocking event interfaces

- Capture Tower count down reduced to 30 seconds.

- Added a stair entrance to the tunnels

- Removed cave entrance to the tunnels. 

- Dragon Hatchet has gotten a nerf. It was WAY too OP

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Very Nice Pepsi ; )

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Nice..something to use those rune chains on..and make my clue farming set actually match more since i have the hardened legs hah

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I cannot wait to add Hardened Chain to my BiS Gear Set.

Awesome work!


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+1 great!

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Cool updates.. any word on slayer mask fixes? I feel like this is due at this point, sometime soon?


Slayer Mask for All (As of June 15th, 2019!)
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Nice!! smile)