21 April - Fixes and Additions

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Server Core

- Changed few things about npc death. Their damage tracking and exp distribution.
- Checked that you get correct exp and the drops work fine.
- Changed networking .
- Rewrote plugin handler.
- Changed how ground item owner is identified.


- Stat menu panel has been enlarged to fit all text.
- The X marking the location you are going to, on the mini map, has been made a touch smaller and is now accurate.
- APK issue with it not saving your click to hold time - Fixed
- Insert and swap while banking on Android have been adjusted for more accuracy
- Removed Protect from Magic spell from prayer list (this will not be implemented)
- Latency added to the sidebar.

- Option for larger font size - option to change client resolution

- Staking Interface simplified

Banking Fixes

- Noted items now work with quick gears
- Teambanks getting disorganized after restarts - fixed
-  When using the insert/swap when trying to select your item to move it seems to be off, you often accidentally select the item above the one you're clicking. - Fixed ( Mobile)
- Deposit Equipment was not working for teambanks. - Fixed

QOL Fixes

- Jatix will now tell Ulti Ironmen that he can not assist them, rather than giving them noted vials in exchange for potions. (UIM are stand alone only!)
- Golden Bowls are now stackable for easy removal from bank after smithing
- Guard Dogs now accessible in Ardougne, to Melee, only after completion of Tribal Totem.
- Combining poison antidotes to create full potions has been implemented
- Shopkeeper in Fishing Guild right-click option now works
- Fire Giant rune drops buffed
- Gate in Reaper Lair, by lessers, not allowing players to pass through - fixed
- Druidic Ritual Quest no longer gives wrong XP reward to Veteran accounts
- Black (G) Helmet is now listed as (G) in the Auction House
- Mithril pickaxe stats have been set properly
- Unstrung Amulets had typo'd text.
- Dramen tree can now be cut with an equipped axe
- When completing scavenger clues without the clue scroll in inventory, the items are taken.  - Fixed
- Woodcutting Guide has been updated
- Pheonix Weapon Stor Key can now be used on an Ironman, so they can complete Shield of Arav without Moderator assistance
- Ring of Life will now work outside of Melee combat.  For example, being maged by reaper.
- Converting Gilded Plated / Legs now works with Thrander
- Max Cape price has been changed from 1,782,000 to 1,881,000

- Yanille agility shortcut now works  - handholds on wall near watchtower ( to leave Yanille)

PVP / Wilderness Fixes

- Underground, and top floor in eastern castle are now 1v1 , as the ground floor is
- Poison Arrows - not doing poison damage has been fixed
- New gauntlets can no longer be worn with harden plates.
- Players can no longer bank at fort while being casted with magic or ranged
- Hotspot bug - no red skull - fixed
- Poisoned darts are no longer able to poison you, if you have protect from ranged prayer enabled
- Unable to "unlock" on party system / leave party  has been fixed
- Timer on Fort doors has been fixed.  Read below to find out about the Fort Dragon Door!
- Suiciding on Dragon inside fort will not be fixed, but this will happen if you choose to do it

Event Fixes

- If the KBD targets you while in Survival, you are no longer able to log out.
- Players can use shield of arrav pieces and candlesticks on others in survival - Fixed by not allowing items to be taken

Slayer Fixes

- Renegade Knights were not aggroing players on slayer task - fixed
- Poison can no longer produce the last hit on Golems
- Salarin the twisted not affected by strike spells done using Slayer Staff (Strike) - fixed
- Torch lighting bug - player not registering as "in combat"  - fixed
- Rune Golem XP Bug - fixed
- "Nowhere" option on Slayer Ring will no longer use up a charge
-  Decreased Nature Rune drops from slayer monsters - this was done due to the Nature Rune prices dropping way too much.
- Add Clue Scroll drops to slayer Monsters
- Slayer Staves will no longer auto cast in F2P Wilderness
- Slayer Mask - can now be worn in place of a dust mask
- Slayer Cape has been added to Xae'Kor's shop. The cost is 500k GP, and you must be 99 Slayer to buy and wear.  ( Mr T will be our first player to 99 Slayer, within the next couple days )

RSCR Exclusive Wiki

We have been working on an RSCR wiki that will be released soon.
This will be a great "go to" for all RSCR custom content questions.

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And you're going to make us have to wait for Mr T to tell us what the Slayer Cape bonuses are?!

You evil, sinister individuals! tongue

Incredible work, as always.

Thank you!

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ModernBB BBCode Test

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Got me excited with wilderness updates but nah...
Remove bank and teleport from castle please.

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Love the updates, was really hoping to see a slayer mask rework to include 1-39def.

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Allways nice work. I love RSCR!!!

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Mr Herb said:

Love the updates, was really hoping to see a slayer mask rework to include 1-39def.

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loving the updates, keeping this game fresh!