Updates, Jan 9th

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Players can no longer block staff members from sending them PMs

Muted Players can no longer use PMs, Party Chat, or Team Chat.  If you are muted and need assistance, please use our support ticket system.

The inability to remove previously approved IP addresses from your white list has been fixed

Incorrect idle time out message has been fixed.


Dragon bones will now go into territory bank

1IP radius around fort has been made smaller as it was preventing a player from taking a character to KBD.

Gate at the lesser cage, entrance to KBD, now has a 10 second out of combat timer before it can be used. Players will no longer have a simple and fast escape to KBD lair for teleport out of the wilderness.

5v1 timer notification has been removed.  Additional characters maging or ranging a single player will now hit 0's.

You can now only have 5 characters logged into the wilderness at once. Once you log one character out, There will be a 1 minute timer before you can log into a different character.

1 day of P2P with God Mage has been added back into the wilderness rotation

Game Content

Skill Capes have been given their proper stats, as advertised when originally released.

Santa and Elf Suits stats have been fixed.  They no longer give the best prayer bonuses in game

Typo in Herblaw Skill Guide has been fixed.

Noted logs, ores and fish as a team perk were never meant to be a replacement to banking. All will now drop to the ground once your inventory is full.

Coming Soon

Eastern wilderness castle ruins will be receiving an upgrade.  This will add in more training spots, hopefully making the 1V1 zone more appealing, and draw in Pkers who prefer 1v1.

Team Fort will be getting all new "Fort" NPCs.  These NPCs will have better, more PK type drops.

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Thanks much for a nice job, all staff and Mods!!

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Not sure I agree with the team noted items, but eh. Thanks Staff team. You've been doing a great job as of late. I know this is a fairly new team, experience-wise, but you've all done a great job of listening to gripes and adapting. I just want to say that I great confidence in the current staff. I have expressed dissatisfaction in the recent past and i have been recently been proven wrong. I admit that I have certain predispositions that led to me entertaining these concepts in the past. I was wrong. This entity, RSCRevolution, is obviously under excellent headmanship and I expect great things in this future.

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sad to noted ores drob now too.. comon allow muted players to speak they team..

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-1 on some wilderness changes man

You're going to see people shooting at you and panic/think its real, why not just inhibit it all together?
The Gate was rsc replica put it back.

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"Noted logs, ores and fish as a team perk were never meant to be a replacement to banking. All will now drop to the ground once your inventory is full."

when we get thieving and agility perk?

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I don't want extra things I thieve to drop to the ground...