[ENDED] Double xp, boosted Revenant drops, free supplies

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We are happy to announce that this weekend we will have three different activities to keep you busy as well as make sure that Wilderness is full of action.

Double XP won't be claimable after:
First of all, we'll be hosting a double xp weekend, as in our past double xp events, Devil XP character will be waiting for you in Edgeville to give you 24 hours of double xp up to two times. Double experience can be claimed any time during saturday or sunday, if you claim double xp at the end of sunday, you'll still get remaining hours of double xp on monday, xp bonus won’t be cut off.
If you have double xp enabled, you can type ::doublexp to see how much time of extra xp you have left on your character.

Second activity is free pking supplies, there will be a Cursed Warrior character in Edgeville who will sell free Ancient Talismans who give you ability to cast magic spells in wilderness without runes (weaken and alchemy spells excluded), he will be also be selling regular and spicy turkey sandwiches (f2p and p2p food). Food and ancient talisman will be working in Wilderness only. There will be no free armour or weapons.

Third, we will be boosting Revenant drops 3x, that’s right, Revenant will have tripled chances of dropping good loot, so we expect a complete blood bath all weekend in the Eastern Wilderness. The stacks or item amount that he drops wont be increased, but there will be a much greater chance for a good drop.

We would like to remind you that to get loot from Revenant you just need to deal 20% of damage before he is killed, that means not one, but few players get loot from him after a single kill.

Weekend event will be running saturday and sunday only.

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Good stuff here boys, healthy Wildy, healthy mind is what I always say. smile

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1782. It’s haaaappeniiinnggggg..!!!!

Thank you so much for this update!

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No may news letter btw.

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Thank you for this. It will help me train some skills this weekend that I haven't gotten around to training.

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Nice, keep it up! Soon the true RSC players will return when it goes down.

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Music to my ears


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Yes baby !!!!


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So it begins... *Keys epic music*


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Awesome, now i just need to start grinding a lot more ><

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This is amazing big_smile

Keep up the good work!

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When does the double xp event officially end? I know that if our second x2 xp activation goes over the close time, it stays active until it finishes, but when is the latest we can activate it?

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How many hours left to claim dxp?