Updated Wilderness rotation

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New Wilderness rotation is now live:

  • 3 days of F2P
  • 1 day of P2P
  • 3 days of F2P
  • 1 day of P2P with god mage

P2P lovers may not be very happy with the new rotation, but this is a rotation we really would like to try out and see how pk'ers react to it.

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Thank you for the updates +1

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Ckmoon said:

Thank you for the updates +1

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All sounds good to me. I'm just a skiller though but I'm down for whatever the pkers want.

However I worked my ass off to get 99 agility mainly to get access to lava maze dungeon (and reaper). It's now literally a useless area. I was told that once this rotation was implemented that lava maze would be a become a fully p2p area. If that doesn't happen you guys should put greaters back in there and switch the black dragons to greens or something.

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