[LIVE] Scavenger hunt & Cosmetic overhaul

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Billy said:

Dunkonjordan23 said:

I have done 41 hard clues on 3 different accounts since release and all drops have been beyond worthless. Am great for the r2h but the over farm loot ratio is horrible. It takes hours sometimes 2 get a hard clue 2 drop. Maybe an hour 2 do sometimes more then I receive 2 sa . 2 ss. 4 sin keys. 99 nature runes. For 3 hours time roughly. The more I do the more I seam 2 get let down. Who needs 2 super atks or super STR s. Pots are not a good loot. This whole hard clue thing needs 2 be to reviewed again. Was this a hurry up and make it live thing? Or u planned it like this. I have about 15 or more screenshots I can post here or discord of magic logs pots and sharks... I love the new updates and armor but the bs I'm reciving is turning me away from ever doing a clue scroll again.
Oh and the white gloves are efficiently more white instead of gray now. Wonderful job.

Thanks for the feedback.

One of the ways Kleio and I have talked about adjusting the rewards is by adding a pity system where you become more likely to get a rare reward each time you don't get one, resetting to baseline once you do. Another way is by adjusting the odds outright.

We will be listening to your concerns and adjusting the higher tier droprates soon.

I like the idea of the pity system. It rewards you for doing multiple trails. I wouldn't be opposed to either but guided should remain super rare and maybe not be included in the pity system if its established.  This would ensure the sets rarity.

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Interesting update. But still no ranging gear? Has there been any news about slayer or are we just going to kept in the dark and not even have a update log about one of the most anticipated updates for Idk how long has it been like 2yrs?

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cant wait to see a gilded set!

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I agree we need near ranging gear. God robes are nice, but we already have many magic bonuses
Ranging boots plz