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    Forum Events: ETA Announcement.

    G'day guys, The Forum Events have been Revised from all feed back i have received, and will be released on the 15th Of October with all events active ready to play for all players wishing to be apart of the events.

    Several updates to the events have been put in place and there is also talk of an ::event Command which may come out sometime after the events have been releas... Read more

    Posted by Mod Jebby October 11, 2014 at 8.47 pm 2, Views: 296

    Mod Luffy's retirement and mod applications

    Due to family matters, Mod Luffy is retiring from the team and quitting online games for a while. He's leaving us on good terms and when he has everything settled, if he chooses to return, he will be up at the top of any potential mod applicants.

    That said, we may be opening up the Mod Application section in the next month or so. If you feel you're up to the task, and you... Read more

    Posted by Mod Alex October 05, 2014 at 11.50 pm 8, Views: 445

    Forum Events: Coming Soon!

    G'day Guys! Mod Jebby here bringing you some exciting news!

    Within the next few days I will be uploading the first of our forum events and unveiling the new forum event section!
    They will be posted officially and start as soon as I have finished getting the Forum Event Section Ready, complete with all Rules, Times, and Information.
    These events incorporate the use of the ... Read more

    Posted by Mod Jebby October 05, 2014 at 6.15 pm 6, Views: 391

    Otherworldly Beings temporarily removed from Zanaris

    Due to a bug that caused at least two players now to become invisible in game, I've removed the Otherworldly Beings from Zanaris until we can sort out what exactly the issue is.

    Because of the potential complications of an invisible player running around the wilderness, I feel it's best to remove any chance for abuse.

    We'll get this sorted as soon as possible and put the... Read more

    Posted by Mod Alex October 03, 2014 at 6.52 am 6, Views: 430

    Updates 2014-09-17

    Hello, heres a list on what has been updated since the P2P release on 14th September.

    - Aggressive npcs in wild who shouldn't be
    - Zanaris door, The diamond is taken away, but it doesn't take you through the door.
    - Doors randomly not opening.
    - Duels cannot be run from regardless of duel settings.
    - Logging out after potting allegedly leaves stats permanently boosted
    - C... Read more

    Posted by Fate September 17, 2014 at 7.56 pm 9, Views: 914

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