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    New Mods

    We're proud to announce the three latest additions to the staff team!

    After carefully reviewing 15 applicants, we've chosen three people who we feel fit best based on current activity, overall attitude, community history, etc. If you applied and were not chosen this time around, we'll most likely be opening up applications again after a few months, or as needed based on t... Read more

    Posted by Mod Alex August 26, 2014 at 12.29 pm 19, Views: 452

    Login Server

    The server is back online, and the issue with the login server that popped up is currently being fixed by Fate. Hopefully we'll be able to run for weeks on end without needing a restart after this.

    Posted by Mod Alex August 22, 2014 at 6.10 am 7, Views: 660

    P2P Progress

    Hello everyone, thank you for reporting all these bugs/missing/broken content. We are working on solving all these bugs, remaking the Launcher and replicating the last bit of the RSC client.

    I will update this post every now and then to show you our progress. Once all these are solved I think we can open a second(?) world and officially release our P2P gameplay.

    What do ... Read more

    Posted by Fate August 18, 2014 at 2.10 pm 32, Views: 1105

    RSCRevolution P2P Open-Beta is Live!

    Hello, I'm sorry for not releasing P2P yesterday (1st August), We have been very busy fixing the memory leak and we felt that we had to put our time on fixing the leak instead of pushing the P2P Beta. We have now fixed the leak (for real), it was a tricky memory leak and we know that RSCR have taken so much damage from this issue but from here and now on we can earn and sh... Read more

    Posted by Fate August 02, 2014 at 6.06 pm 31, Views: 1773

    P2P Beta Pre-Launch

    We will be launching our full server in Beta form tomorrow, August 1st.  Keep in mind, this is a BETA launch (there will be bugs, obviously).  This allows for the entire RSCRevolution community to beta test all the P2P content and report missing features/bugs.  Originally, the plan was to have all P2P testing done amongst the staff members, but we realize how eager our pla... Read more

    Posted by Trouble August 01, 2014 at 2.58 am 40, Views: 1416

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