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Bug fixes

-Fixed new types of plates to require dragon slayer.
-Fixed gauntlets with new plates
-Added new types of plates available for conversion by Thrander.
-Allow deadman to logout on Tourist Trap in certain spot
-Ned makes rope out of 4 balls of wool.
-Using 1 ice arrow for lesarkus temple of ikov fixed
-Ernest the Chicken get key update
-Fixed mistake in new mad zeonk skip quest dialog, dragon axe cost 1.5M->3M
-Poison is now cured after ring of life activates... Read more

Posted by n0m.

-Added six new wildy obelisk teleports for a total of 12
-Added option to pay Mad Zeonk to skip quest permissions for equipment
-Zeonk also sells that equipment to those who bought the permissions
-Added option to pay Mad Zeonk to reset PvP K/D
-HP/Pray/Fatigue sidebar no longer disabled in PvP/wildy situations
-Buffed Mage Bank runes store
-Added Withdraw X / Deposit X option to bank
-Can select menu/dialogue options using corresponding number selection... Read more

Posted by Billy.

The Lava Maze Dungeon, which you might remember as the location of the Mysterious Furnace that hardens rune armor, has just received a buff:
-Three black dragons total (added one)
-Four black demons total (replaced the greaters)

But the Legend's Guild, while still a very attractive place to skill (and will only be made more elite with the addition of new skills and quests), was too convenient for how close it was to a bank. As such we made the following changes to the dungeon:
-One black dragon total (removed the red dragons)
-Two black demons total (removed one)
-Fire giants unchanged but,
-... Read more

Posted by Billy.

-Added more fire-runes drops to Green Dragons
-Added more fire-runes drops to the KBD
-Minor fixes for four clues

Posted by Billy.

Deadman Guards

Deadman guards have been changed from regular guards to level 250 (unattackable) guards.
Fixed their behavior so they wont stop attacking skulled dmm players.

Posted by n0m.

-Fixed bug where you only have to do one clue to get reward
(Clue completed count not removed properly after finish)
-Fixed god agent stopping casting if being casted on.
-Increased cast timer for god agent by 2 ticks.

Posted by n0m.

-Fixed bug where you use object that teleports you,
god agent spawns at the object and disappears after because of the teleport.
God agent spawn will now disable default function from happening.
- Dr Orbon can now return your protective suit if quest is completed.
- Fixed several clue messages to be less confusing.

Jolly Boar Inn added to SafeZone

(Note: In very rare cases, some players may experience being stuck&invisible if their most recent clue was one of the deleted IDs. Contact staff and it is a simple fix. -Billy)... Read more

Posted by n0m.

-New system to load news and update logs from forums
-New Update logs and news posts will be displayed on login.

This process was all manual until now,
this is completely automated process from now on!

Posted by n0m.
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Should wining chars be removed?

  • 22%- No, leave my wined char alone!
    30 votes
  • 31%- No, but display HP disparities in duel window.
    42 votes
  • 46%- Remove wining and automatically fix wined chars (remove quest xp, etc)!
    62 votes
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