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Mod T said:

Synesthesic said:

I would really love a massive bank screen. There really is no practical use in being able to see the world around you whilst viewing your bank. Whereas it would be infinitely more useful to see the majority of one’s bank in one window.

Could this be seriously considered please. It would be a massive QoL improvement and I think everyone would appreciate and benefit.

Could we also get some clarification of how the Poisoned Dragon Dagger works.

I had expected the Poisoning Mechanic to work in that the P D Dagger is equipped at the beginning of combat. Is wielded till an in-game notification tells the player the NPC has been successfully poisoned.

The player then swaps back to main weapon.

During the proceeding rounds of combat, the NPC is inflicted with two (2) damage numbers. One in red splash that is the damage inflicted by the Players equipped weapon plus a second green splash that displays the damage inflicted by the Poison effect.

As it stands right now, there is no notification of successful poisoning and no sign of additional damage dealt.

I tried the Poison Dragon Dagger on my Xae’Kor’s Pet Dragon Task and noticed that, whilst the Dagger was equipped I was 9 times out of 10 inflicting 9 damage. My hit success also seemed a lot higher than when I had my Dragon Battle Axe equipped, which seems odd as the Dragon Dagger has lower Aim.

Again, clarification of how this mechanic is working would be great. Furthermore, if the game engine allows it, the additional green splash damage number that I describe above, at least in my opinion, would be a very clear way of displaying the impact of the poisoning during combat.

Other than that, awesome update. Thank you!!!

I would have to agree that seeing the most bank space possible would be awesome however those 4 quickgears are A M A Z I N G. Would be nice to have both be possible

Oh absolutely. Definitely keep the QuickGear functionality we currently have. Just maximise the actual window size of the Bank to fill the majority of the screen. Over the last 24 hours since the Bank Window has been reduced by one row, I can confirm that much of the playerbase supports this request.

I, too, am finding that the QuickGear buttons are inadvertently being pressed when trying to click the Withdraw options from the Right Click Menu of a banked item. Very frustrating.

Back on the topic of the Poisoned Dragon Dagger. I can definitely confirm that when wielding the Dagger, additional damage is definitely being dealt. I often see a red splash number of 1 but I chunk the health of the NPC. This must be the Poison at work.

So, there are two potential scenario’s here.

1. The Poisoned Dragon Dagger, upon a certain successful hit to the NPC does Poison it resulting in the NPC receiving an additional amount of damage throughout the subsequent rounds of combat until it dies.

2. Whilst the Poisoned Dragon Dagger is equipped, the NPC receives an additional damage roll separate to the damage roll from the Weapon Power of the Poisoned Dragon Dagger upon each successful Melee hit from the Player. This additional damage roll is only applied whilst the Player is wielding the Poisoned Dragon Dagger during combat. Essentially meaning that the Poisoning affect is not an application that results in ongoing damage separate to pure weapon damage but rather just an additional damage roll.

My requests remain the same in light of this

1. If Scenario 1 is true, then an in-game notification in the chat portion of the window that states, ‘Venom Bomber has been successfully poisoned’. That way the Player knows when they can swap back to their main weapon.

2. Regardless of Scenario 1 or 2, the displaying of an additional damage number, in green splash that displays the amount of damage inflicted by the Poison element.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you. I feel the updates featured above would serve as positive changes that will enhance the players experience of the Banking System and the Poison mechanic.


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Any idea when the layering issue will be looked at? For players who can only play on android it is terrible. I'm not even attempting skilling while it's like this as already, just whilst trying to withdraw teleport runes, I'm clicking save slot 1 and depositing everything in my inventory. It's extremely annoying.

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It seems there's a bug.
I got `Xae'Kor's Pet Dragon` as task, but my slayer is not 85 yet.
So i obviously I had to skip the task. Can I get refund for the skipping please?

//EDIT: Again. So please 2x refund.

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