what does everyone do for a living?

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Occupation: Surveyor, mostly oilfield in northern Canada.
Hobbies: hockey, golf, camping, and basically anything outdoors.

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From: Karamja
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executive chef. my spare time is spent here with my favorite weirdos

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From: WA, USA
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I get paid to babysit drunks.

I run a bar.

It's pretty great.

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Occupation: Automotive Diagnostic Technician
Hobbies: Going to theatre and taking long walks at the beach

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Sucking dicks

Thats pretty much it

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Occupation: Master Scheduler at a Correctional Facility.

(This job pretty much blows. But money is made nonetheless )

On the side I am building a personal music studio and play several instruments.

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I'm a cook at a high end hotel.

I also sell drugs to school children. But its mostly just bath tub meth.


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From: Lincoln UK
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Non food retail manager in UK

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Interested in the topic of cutting bottles.
I had a bar with a clip. Diamond glass cutter, glued with a Chinese hook-on gun.
The incised strip on the bottle, warmed up with a sharp flame of the gas burner, then under cold water, separated the neck of the bottle. Butt on sandpaper, under water, brought to an acceptable state.

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From: Best Pk
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occupation: Student, USA Medical 3rd Year
hobby: Pking on my lvl 33, Artificial Intelligence, making YouTube educational videos, Sudokus, Chess, Chinese Go, Netflix
interesting thing: coauthored insulin paper in undergrad, budgeted over 2M USD for 300+ university organizations, I can roll my tongue... but so can 65-81% of humans so I suppose that's not specifically interesting statistically speaking.

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Was a helper (like WOOFING or helpex, without the official crap) for the last few years. Now house/property/animal minding while my partner and I are building our own business based on teaching firetwirling and object manipulation. Working our way into the festival seen with a shine :-)

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Travel from server to server

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Nasa rocket engineer
Astronaut trainer, space commander.

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From: Colorado Springs
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occupation: United States Air Force, Radio Frequency Technician. I am an E-6 or Technical Sergeant
hobby: Playing RSC, Woodworking (building furniture)
interesting thing: Currently working with my team to build a cheaper more mobile geolocation system.

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Occupation: Sous chef at a high end English restaurant.
Hobby: Rsc, fatherhood, watching movies, chilling with the better half.
Interesting fact: I've cooked a meal for Rod Stewarts wife along with Victoria Beckham.

Throw me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack.

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I run an ecommerce business selling household goods (via FBA).

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I'm a debt collector for a well known credit card company.

I collect about 2 million dollars a year from people who dodge credit card payments!

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Dining services. big_smile

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Sn. Analyst, of a Disaster Recovery SW & Tool.

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I sell meth to kossu