Slayer updates and fixes

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The following things have been fixed

1) Western side of the Swamp Land is so close to tutorial island, that it was reducing your stats, because you can not get over 6 in a skill while at tutorial island. Another floor has also been added to the Castle there.

2) You could use dynamite on golems and kill them, even if not high enough slayer. Just use dynamite over and over, it will hit 1 each time.

3) You were able to kill werewolf without Silver

4) Slayer Points to skip tasks

Skipping Tasks

  • Katrina: 5
  • Sir Malik Varze: 10
  • Archmage Sal: 15
  • Lady Valyrie: 25
  • Yotto: 50
  • Xae'Kor: 75

Skipping & Blocking Tasks

  • Katrina: 10
  • Sir Malik Varze: 20
  • Archmage Sal: 30
  • Lady Valyrie: 50
  • Yotto: 100
    Xae'Kor: 150

Extending Tasks

  • Katrina: 20
  • Sir Malik Varze: 40
  • Archmage Sal: 60
  • Lady Valyrie: 100
  • Yotto: 200
  • Xae'Kor: 300

5) Staffs will now be dropped as UNCHARGED.  To charge them, use on and slayer master.

  • cost is 25 points, 25k coins, 25 cosmics for strike
  • cost is 50 points, 50k coins, 50 cosmics for bolt
  • cost is 150 points, 150k coins, 150 cosmics for blast
  • cost is 250 points, 250k coins, 250 cosmics for wave

500 casts per charge ( you will also need the required runes for each cast to use )

New Slayer Monster

Venom Bombers
there are four different colors, 2 of them are level 105, and 2 are level 110
Level 85 Slayer is required and they will poison you! So stock up on cures and antidotes!

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