{LIVE} RSCR Christmas 2018!

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Through January 2nd!

Ragnarok's Christmas

Start the Quest in Edgeville.  Speak to the Santa who is wielding the new Christmas Shield!

Throughout your quest, Ragnarok will be by your side, with his playful antics.

How the Grincher Stole Christmas ( 2017 Quest )

Talk to Santa in Edgeville to see how you can help, then talk to Santa's Elf nearby!
This is one EPIC quest you will not want to miss. Which is why we have brought it back for another year!
Requirements: 28 quest points, 30 agility, 50+ Hits encouraged

Elf Merchant

She will be located in Edgeville.  Use her to exchange your 2017 or 2018 Christmas Tokens!
2017 Items
2018 Items

Laurissa will be near Thassalia's Shop in Varrock.
She will turn your male Elf or Santa Suits into female, for the price of 150k per piece!


Christmas Themed NPCs

They will be located in a few  wilderness locations.  They are great for collecting Tokens.
If you laugh in the face of danger, be sure to take advantage of these!


Devil XP has taken on a new look!!

You can ONLY Claim the double XP from the time of release through December 26th!!

Find him in Edgeville to claim your long awaited Double XP!

Rudolph Hunt!


Gone are the days of tracking Lil Grincher. This year, you will be tracking Rudolph instead!
You can participate in a recurring, world wide hide-n-seek!
Simply grab a Compass from the table near Edgeville bank. use it in the regular world to track down his location!
He drops a key to unlock the Rudolph's Treasure Chest in Edgeville Dungeon (southeast of Edge Dungeon Wildy gate)
Find him multiple times to upgrade your key for better prizes!
Hurry though, your treasure key disappears only 20 minutes after it is first picked up!
Tier 1 key reward: 50 tokens and 40k worth of loot;
Tier 2 key reward: 125 tokens and 120k worth of loot;
Tier 3 key reward: 300 tokens and 280k worth of loot;
Tier 4 key reward: 750 tokens and 280k worth of loot.

Who is up to the challenge of beating out Vigor this year!?
Last year, he was our top Lil Grincher catcher!

Lord Sauron

This year, you will not be battling Grincher, as in Christmas' past.
We have a new boss!

The Head Elf from the Christmas quest, in Edgeville will be your only transportation to The Polar Ice Cap.
Brave adventurers are invited to join other high-combat players to defeat him for tokens and other loot.
Be careful though! This new boss is nothing to sneeze at. He was trained by the Grincher himself!

We hope you all enjoy RSCR's Christmas!
n0m, Kleio, Pepsi, and ALL of RSCR Staff!

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Christmas Themed NPCs

They will be located in a few  wilderness locations.  They are great for collecting Tokens.
If you laugh in the face of danger, be sure to take advantage of these!

so can you pk people's tokens?
And were are these guys or are they just random spawns?

I miss pking in chaos druid robes and bunny ears

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How do i get to south pole?

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Death to Sauron and all of his Saurians!!!

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Any thing you need to do to get to sauron? Requirements? Or can you just get there like the first xmas?


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Hope everyone enjoys the new rares!!

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What monsters drop Christmas Tokens?

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Lucki said:

Hope everyone enjoys the new rares!!

Thank you for all the first-rate sprite work.

Please don't read the rules.

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Any update on when the boss will be ready?

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KAT32 said:

Any update on when the boss will be ready?

We're working on it and hopefully release today smile

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oh that new quest was not my fafor one lol big_smile

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When will the boss fight be live?

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Quest RSCR Christmas quest

Talk to santa
10 buckets for 10 milk then talk to santas elf
Talk to cromy in ardy
5 silver bars bring to sam, before you go to same so u save urself some time
10 unpowered orbs to lady in draynor village
5 gold bars to the dude in al kahrid pit
5 red dye (15 berries and 3 gp at aggie), 5 wool(not ballsz!!!), 1 needle, 1 thread, 5 grey wolf fur to lady in varock
2 orange dye(2 reds and 2 yellows from 6 red berries and 6gp and 4 onions and some gp), 6 brown fur, 3 wool, 6 leather to guy next to lady in varock
Back to wiz cromy in ardy, north of ardy square, with all the items

Bugs where ragnarok will talk, but it will list the NPCs name you are chatting with sad

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