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Chat commands:

  • ::1  -Message to global chat
  • ::2  -Message to global PK'ing chat
  • ::p  -Message to party chat
  • ::t  -Message to team chat
  • ::Togglechannel 1 -Turn on/off global chat
  • ::Togglechannel 2 -Turn on/off PK'ing chat
  • To repeat your last message press PC "PgUp"

General commands:

  • ::Commands  -View commands list
  • ::Info  -View character's general information
  • ::Mygang  -Check what gang you belong
  • ::Wildy  -Check current wilderness state
  • ::Skull  -Give your character a skull
  • ::Skulltime  -Check skull time remaining
  • ::Hotspot  -Check wildy hotspot location and owner
  • ::Hotspotcp  -View your hotspot control points
  • ::Online  -See how many players are online
  • ::Newplayers  -List of new players
  • ::Activenewplayers  -List of new online players
  • ::Questlog  -Shows simple quest's log
  • ::Fatigue  -Fill 100% fatigue
  • ::Logout  -Log out character
  • ::News  -View latest news
  • ::Updatelog  -View latest updates

Team Commands:

  • ::Teaminvite  -Invite players to team
  • ::Teamkick  -Kick players from team
  • ::Teampromote  <name rankindex> -Promote team member
  • ::Tbanklog  -Shows team bank log
  • ::Tbankdeposit  -Shows team bank deposit log
  • ::Tbankwithdraw  -Shows team bank withdraw log
  • ::Tbanklogplayer  -Shows team bank log of certain player
  • ::Territorybank  -Shows content of territory bank
  • ::invite name-of-player  -Invite "player-name" into party

Names with spaces need an under _ score where the space is.

Event commands

Event commands:

  • ::Starteventvote -  Start a vote to start an event
  • ::Donateforevent - Donate gp to start an event
  • ::Spectate - To spectate automated survival or moderator events
  • ::Leave - To teleport back from spectating
  • ::Vote - To cast vote
  • ::Event - To join moderator event
  • ::Toggleeventmessages - Turn on/off event messages

16 Player 1vs1 Tournament:

  • ::Tournament - To enter the tournament
  • ::Abouttournament - General information about the tournament


  • ::Buyticket - To buy a lottery ticket
  • ::Aboutlottery - General information about the lottery


  • ::Survival - To join the survival event
  • ::Aboutsurvival - General information about the survival

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From: Edgeville
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