D shield from otherworldlies

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So it doesn't entirely prove my point that I got a half d shield from an otherworldly being, it does show I got the drop. Sup.


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How long u farmed for tht?

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I know someone who got a Santa from thugs once

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They dropped it on real rsc, probably  .01% chance haha

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I got d shield half from chaos warrior druids

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I've got one or two times aswell on here, got pretty suprised haha.


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It's pretty common on here.  On my ironman just after I completed the quest I went in there to try and get a diamond to get dlong.  I got a half shield after 5 kills.   B4 the diamond lol.  Then proceeded to get 2 more over the next 2 days afking lol.  (this was around Halloween)

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What happened to Wyrd, anyways? he use to be really active, havent seen him online in forever