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Hi all, I'm Botch. Somewhat new here as I've played off & on over the years.

I was active on turnip, but lost my characters amid one of their various server wipes & have made the transition to RSCR.

I want to make a 61 staker, but I'm not familiar with some of the items added to the game.

I just want to make sure there isn't anything obvious I'm missing.

Head: Dragon Medium/Slayer's Mask

Hardened Rune Armor (can buy rights to plate)

Cape: Is it a Hunter's Cape?

I can't tell what the other 61's are using.

Hands: Klanks (can buy rights)

Boots: It looks like you can wear boots with platelegs? Are they just regular boots?

Amulet: Obsidian Amulet/Gnome

Hits offset should be close to 0, anything above that indicates the character is wined, correct?

Thanks in advance

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Hey, you are correct about the hits and some of the weildable items.

Head: Dragon Medium/Hardened Rune Helmet/Golden Halo (Halo is a must)

Body: Hardened Rune Armor with dragon shield/hardened kite

Cape: White hunters cape has the best stat boosts, better than the black one.

Hands: Rune gauntlets are a must (pretty sure you have to buy rights)

Boots: Any boots, some people just wear coloured ones as personal preference

Amulet: Obsidian Amulet/Gnome

Also, if you are going to make one, I'd suggest using a PK account, once it's subbed with a gold sub card, you automatically get the item wear rights for all items. The item wear rights will last for as long as you are subscribed.

Edit: If you have already created an account, a player mod or mod can send you back to tutorial island so you can change your account type. Message me in game if this is the case - Tha Playah

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