Free for all PK event! Winner takes all rune set's plus prizes!

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Free for all pk event! 17th of July! Winner takes all rune set's plus 20m grand prize from mod anti! The event will be 1ip set and will be completely anonymous! There will be no way know how to distinguish each other in game. In the event ground item's will not disappear, so who ever is the last man standing will get a bank chest spawned in the arena and will be able to pick up all the sweet loot dropped by player's.

That means a lot of rune set's that means quite a few noobs to kill!  How many set's exactly who knows? Depends on how many player's join! You cannot join the event unless you have a full rune set plus pots, food etc.. and also strictly free to play items only! And also 1ip restricted. There will also be a 10m survival before!

if you would like to donate for the event please pm mod anti in game or reach me on discord or on rscr site! Free for all starts at GMT+8 time which is Australian time lol. Hope to hear from you!


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I like that there's a countdown timer, stops any confusion. Please all donate, we can make this event mega, could even have prizes for 3rd and 2nd place if there's enough in the pot.