Happy Easter 2021 from RSCRevolution!

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Easter 2021

Return of the Easter Maze!

PvE or PvP, to complete a 2 story maze!
Be aware, if you enter the PvP Maze, it is in the Wilderness (f2p).  You can and will be attacked by other players!
You will have 30 minutes to complete the maze, before being teleported out. If you finish, or wish to leave before the 30 minutes is up, you can teleport out.
Throughout the maze, you will find chests, with varying prizes inside, behind locked doors!  These doors will require a key to open them.  Simply kill the appropriately coloured Easter NPC until you get the key as a drop.

You will be able to complete the PvE maze once every 6 hours but the PvP maze you can complete as many times as you want!

The waiting rooms for maze is East side of old Edgeville (over the bridge).

Easter Tokens


Easter Shop

- Rainbow Gloves 10,000 tokens
- Rainbow Boots 10,000 tokens
- Rainbow Amulet 30,000 tokens
- Halo (gold) 25,500 tokens
- Halo (white) 15,000 tokens
- Chocolate Bunny - 5000 Tokens (heals 99hp outside of Wildy)

Easter Eggs

Egg of Mystery    Random npc effect (until logout)
Egg of Alertness    No fatigue (1 hour)
Egg of Experience    XP bonus in any stat (level x400)
Egg of PK    Random pk equipment (f2p gear, herbs)
Egg of Spoils    Random supplies
Fish Egg    Cooked fish caught instead of raw (20 mins)
Auto Bury Egg    Bones will autobury on NPC kill (20 mins)
Slow Prayer Egg    Prayer drains slower (30 mins) (outside of wildy)
Dragon Fire Egg    Not effected by dragon fire (30 mins)
Shortcut Egg    Can use agility shortcuts regardless of agility level (30 mins)
Life Egg    No loss of equipped items outside of wildy on death. (one time use, crack an egg and it will remain on account until used)

Obtainable from the Cupboard at end of PvE maze.
Obtainable from the Chests throughout the PvP maze.
::checkegg command to see time left on eggs
::nofatigue for Egg of Alertness
Obtainable from Boss Bunny.
Obtainable from killing any NPC's, the higher the level of the NPC, the higher the chance of getting an egg. Killing NPC's in Wilderness gives additional bonus.

Devil XP!

You will be able to get 4 lots of x4hrs of Double xp over the Easter Weekend. Just go talk to Devil XP in Edgeville for your fix!

Bunny Boss!

You can teleport to the bunny boss via Easter Store 2021 NPC in edgeville.

Introducing the new Bunny Boss! In order to do damage to the Bunny boss you must first murder all her Chick's. Each Chick has a chance at a rare egg (or nothing). The Bunny boss has a unique drop table which you can check out on the bestiary.

Other News

We are actively working on the next phase of slayer. This will bring many new NPCs to RSCRevolution along with new items such as Whip and full dragon armour!

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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oh shit this is awesome!

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Will eggs disappear at end of event?

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Awsome !....happy easter

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how long does this last?


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