Halloween 2020 - Double XP weekend - New Boss - Tokens - New Rares

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Happy Halloween Everyone!


Double XP Weekend!

This coming weekend will be Double XP Weekend! This will be activated on Saturday morning (UK time) and turned off Monday Morning (UK time).

Halloween Tokens.

While obtaining skilling experience you can sometimes gain halloween tokens that you can use in Halloween shop.

Halloween shop

By talking to Halloween NPC you can access the holiday shop in which you can buy items for Halloween tokens. Shop will be available only during Halloween event time.
You will be able to spend those tokens on new rares and some familiar ones.

- Cup of Coffee 250 Tokens (fatigue rate is slowed down by 50% for two hours);
- Bag of goods for 500 (contains random items);
- Wieldable Cauldron 9500
- Wieldable Sickle 9500
- Wearable Cat Ears 15000


Satan Boss!

You will be able to teleport to the Satan boss from the Halloween store NPC. He has exactly the same fight mechanics as the reaper boss. He will primarily drop halloween tokens but will also drop the new Sickle and Cauldron as rare items.


The reaper has been given 2 new coloured reaper hoods - White and Red! This is a new permanent rare drop for the reaper. The black ones will remain discontinued. You can teleport to the reaper lair straight from Edgeville by descending the gravestone.

P2P items in wildy

You can now use certain P2P items in F2P wildy against NPCS. This is now live but will be massively improved soon.

Rainbow Pk Cape


Coming soon The rainbow PK cape will finally make its appearance in game. You will need a massive 3000 wilderness kills (any type) to be able to wear this cape, it will be on sale with mad zeonk for 500k.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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how long will the halloween toeken event last?

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how long will the halloween toeken event last?