Ironman Competition has now ended + October Plans

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Ironman Competition has now ended

Steyox - Top 1 OVERALL skill total Prize - 100 Euros real life cash & Red Christmas Cracker & Scythe
Iron Chunk - Top 1 Prayer - 10k Dragon bones.
Iron Dean    - Top 1 Magic - 10k Fire Blasts.
Iron Chair     - Top 1 Cooking - Witches Broom.
Pepe Le Pew - Top 1 Woodcut - Black Dragon Mask.
Ironik - Top 1 Fletching- Rainbow Party Hat.
ChasingPixel - Top 1 Fishing - Red Dragon Mask.
Katalepsy    - Top 1 Firemaking –  Blue Party Hat.
Ir0n Crispy - Top 1 Crafting – Cyan Party Hat.
Daft Punk    - Top 1 Smithing – Pink Party Hat.
ChasingPixel - Top 1 Mining - White Party Hat.
Ironik - Top 1 Herblaw –  Orange Party Hat.
Iron W - Top 1 Agility –  Purple Party Hat.
Iron Grampa - Top 1 Thieving - Green Party Hat.
Iron Dean    - Top 1 Ranged - A quantity of arrows.
Iron Dean    - Top 1 Slayer – Black Party Hat.

Some players have pleaded with me to take it easy on them this month after several months of grinding therefore there will be a weeks break before this next months event, which will be..

The Revenant returns (again)

The legendary Revenant has returned to the eastern wilderness! Dare you face him for a chance at his treasure?

The Revenant roams around in the wilderness, so go well-geared and with friends.

He will run to eat and cast on you like a real PKer; he also has three prayers: (50% block range, mage, or melee).

He drops PK gear and other goodies. He only attacks people who have attacked him recently, and has perfect catching.

Cakes will become a permanent possible rare drop from him so in theory all rares will be obtainable forever (although very slim chance)
- Drop Table massively increased
- Uses the same damage system as other boses do more the 15% damage for your own unique drop.

Drop Table

- 20 Cooked swordfish
- 100 Swordfish cooked (noted)
- 100 Lobster cooked (noted)
- 10 Strength Potions (noted)
- 10 Ruby Amulet of Strength (noted)
- 500 Fire Runes
- 250 Fire Runes
- Rune Armour Set (LG) (no kite)
- Rune Plate Mail Body (noted)
- Rune Plate Mail Legs (noted)
- Rune 2-handed sword (noted)
- Crossbow (noted)
- Longbow (noted)
- 500 Crossbow Bolts
- 500 Air Runes
- 350 Air Runes
- 10 Dragon bones (noted)
- 10,000 Coins
- 25,000 Coins
- 50,000 Coins
- 1,000,000 Coins
- 10 Ruby Amulets of Strength (noted)
- 10 Diamond Amulets of Power (noted)
- 500 Bronze Arrows
- 350 Fire Runes
- 250 Air Runes
- 250 Death-Runes
- 300 Death-Runes
- Clue Scroll (Hard)
- Birthday Cake
- Red Mercenary Battle Axe
- Purple Mercenary Battle Axe
- Cyan Mercenary Battle Axe
- Orange Mercenary Battle Axe
- Green Mercenary Battle Axe   
- Blue Mercenary Battle Axe

This month will also see the return of the hotspot to the wilderness and the addition of the Rainbow PK cape!

The mod team bank will be credited with 100,000,000 GP for events for the month, we aim to give all this away in the month of October.

Keep watching the news as we will be announcing mod hosted events for the month soon.

RSCRevolution Team

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Fun event, the rest all good news.


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Gratz to all Winners......respect

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+1 . Good job mod staff

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Some players have pleaded with me to take it easy on them this month after several months of grinding therefore there will be a weeks break before this next months event, which will be


Yeah, really? No one told them to grind 18+ hours a day for a chance at party hat in either August or September.  Plenty of members didn't choose to take on that grind.  Why would you change your update schedule for the kids that have no job?  You guys pulled a lot of players back from the other server and now your complacent again.   There hasn't even been a QoL update since early August.  This game pulls in real life cash.  If you have no plans to make updates to the game that's perfectly fine, but that needs to be communicated to the community.