Happy new year from RSCRevolution

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We hope you all had a good Christmas and enjoyed the in game shenanigans. Santershifter boss and tokens will stop tomorrow. As a little celebration of New year we have a new NPC store in Edgeville - Guy Hawkes. He sells fireworks for 20k each. You can set these off for a super cool in game effect.

There is a really really rare chance when setting a firework off that you will receive one of the new party hat colours.

Just a bit of fun don't go blowing all your GP on them! or do, you do you.

Special thanks to N0m for spending his time programming this cool effect, he also added the ability for us to add more cool effects similar in the future, what a legend he is.

Happy new year from the RSCRevolution team.


Team changes
Special thanks to all the player mods and mod team for their hard work this year. We probably have one of the strongest teams ever and they do this all for little to no reward.
- Mod Death has been promoted to senior mod. Thanks for all your commitments this year.
- Mod Ven0m has been promoted to head mod whilst not often seen in game his commitment behind the scene is remarkable, not a day goes by where he isn't working on something to make rev even better for the future. Whilst I was away he with the mod team put together this years Christmas event which believe me is not easy! - Terror.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Thx RSCRevolution Team for a great event.... ?  ?

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Thanks to all who gave their time to brainstorm, code and test everything for this event. It's very much appreciated. Happy new year

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