September 2021

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We hope you all enjoyed August Birthday month. It was great to see so many of you participating and hope you all got at least something you wanted from the Pinatas.
The tokens will no longer drop, but the store will remain in place for a few more days to give you time to spend any tokens, remember after the event the tokens will be worthless so you may as well spend them whilst you can.

September will have a more chilled vibe about it whilst we get ready for Halloween then Christmas is just around the corner!

Clue rewards have been adjusted with the following additions/adjustments:
-    Removed standard padded plates as possible rewards.
-    Easy clue reward has last year birthday cake as a possible reward
-    Rune essence has been added to Medium clue rewards
-    Swordfish quantities buffed for Medium clues.
-    Rainbow Pinata added as possible reward for Medium clues
-    Golden Pinata added as a possible reward for Hard Clues.
-    Rune set added as a possible reward for Hard Clues.
-    Golden Halos added as possible reward for Hard Clues.
-    Reaper has white hunter cape added as a drop
-    Mercedes has been retired for now.

Thanks again for sticking with us.

RSCRevolution Team

Most you players are very supportive of the server we do seem to have the odd few ex-players or occasional players who like to be negative towards the server and vent their negativity towards new players in game or on the forums. Any player who negatively impacts the server like this will be IP banned and removed from the server.

This server is run by volunteer mods who give up their free time to keep the game alive. We are all deep down just players like you who care for the server and want to keep it alive. If you are here, just to be negative and hurt the server please leave before you are forcefully removed. This goes for in game/forums or discord server.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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