Level 61 Tournament for Black Party Hat

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Top  Shotta won the event! Congratulations!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Tournament will take place this Sunday, February 14 at 2pm EST
The winner of the event will receive a Black Party Hat donated by Papapimp

About Event:

1.) Your level 61 must be a staker build (for example, you cannot enter a level 61 with 99 defense)
- As a general rule, if someone wouldn't stake you in edge because of your stats, then don't bring that character to the event.
- Characters with 40 defense are not allowed.

*Ultimately the decision to disqualify a character will be up to the mod team.*

2.) You are required to show your stats on the highscores to enter the tournament.
- We must be able to validate that your stats meet the requirements.

3.) Players will fight using the duel screen, which includes offset (as if you were staking in Edge).

4.) Bring your own pots, food, and armor.


- No wining
- No magic
- No prayer
- No pk capes
- Level 61 staker builds only

If you would like to join the tournament, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the character you will use. Names of accepted characters will be added to this post.


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ign - skype

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Count me in - Rii rii

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I'll be in tournament

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Count me in -- Stanky Leg