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The past few months we’ve released quite a few changes, big and small, to the way you can enjoy combat in RSCR. This is an overview post of ways to PK and have fun on our server.

PK-Mode characters


We offer different game modes for your character, which currently consists of Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man, Veteran, and our latest addition: Player-killer!

It’s a game mode for players who prefer solely PKing. The main benefits are: double amount of combat experience, effective only in the wilderness (outside wilderness PKM will receive regular xp rates). PK mode characters have additional subscriber benefits, such as the ability to wear all quest items while they are subscribed in addition to a 10-minute AFK timer.
However, PK-mode characters do not have the ability to skill, or receive ground item drops outside the wilderness. They will also not appear on the highscores. You can activate the game mode on Tutorial Island, or ask a moderator to help you convert an existing character to it. The decision is NOT reversible. PK-mode characters are marked by a skull icon next to their name in chat.

PK Points and store for supplies

We have added an experimental feature of PK points that can be obtained by killing players around Castle or the Edgeville Border area whenever PK-point gaining is active. You will gain 5 points per kill and can spend these at Mad Zeonk’s PK Point Store:



Our castle has been modified. It no longer has its own teleport obelisk, bank chest or altar, but there is an obelisk nearby. Our modified Castle now has a basement with very decent training spots, containing Rats (level-16), Master Darkwizards (level-46), Wild Dragons (level-73), and a King Wild Dragon (level-245). The ground level now has a training dummy and Dark Warriors to train on.

Wilderness rules overview

For a period of time, RSCR was quite controversial in the RSC community by trying to manage multi-logging or teaming using Wilderness restrictions. We had a very fractured community, and part of the player-base wanted to be able to whatever they wanted in the wild, unrestricted. Another part did not even want to PK because of the current situation in Wild. Over the years we had multiple attempts at implementing limitations, but in the end, we decided to rip everything out. We removed Wilderness restrictions, team fort, hotspot, East-Wilderness content and the 1vs.1 limitation altogether.

The Wilderness now has “wild” back in it, and the players that want a more controlled 1vs.1 experience or avoid teams have other PK options on our server, such as: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, 1v1-Tournaments, Free-For-Alls, Hunger Games, Deathmatches, Staking and Moderator hosted events to enjoy.

Wilderness map, new locations and features

We would like to remind our community that the RSCRevolution client has a world map that you can find and use in-game. When going to the Wilderness we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the current layout, training- and farming locations, teleports and ground item spawns available. For example, we have two locations that have Wild Dragons in them, an altar which gives increased prayer experience, and a skilling location that offers double fishing or triple cooking while in the Wilderness!


We have a number of new locations that may be worthwhile for farming NPC’s or for PKers to check out for possible victims. These locations are marked on our in-game World Map:

Slayer dungeon;
Master Darkwizard lair;
Dragons Nest close to High Wild Altar;
Wild dragons close to Chaos Altar;
Castle basement;

Monster drop tables and available ground items in Wilderness were tuned to support PKing. When farming monsters you’ll often find more runes and supplies. For example, Master Darkwizards drop runes for Fire-blasts, and Wildy Dragons drop more general PK supplies.



For quicker navigation through the Wilderness we offer teleportations through obelisks, which received an update recently. Obelisks are no longer a platform with four objects and there is no more wait time when choosing a destination (unless recently in combat). It also has no AOE-teleport. There is now an Obelisk available in Lumbridge as well.
Teleport locations are:
Castle (not accessible from Edgeville)
Chaos Altar
Lava Maze
Red Dragon Isle
Mage Bank


Wilderness Border PK

To promote PK at border we have added level 0 to Wilderness levels, which means only the same combat levels can attack each other, this will hopefully will motivate players to stay at 33s. By PK’ing at the border, you also obtain PK Points that can be exchanged in Mad Zeonks PK store when PK Point gain is active. If you have a 33 -40 combat character that you may have ruined by accidental level gains, we currently offer free stat reductions for these characters until the end of January this year.

Wilderness alternatives

RSCRevolution has been continuously developed since 2014, and over the years we have developed a lot of unique content. We’re very proud of the variety that is available for the RSC community to enjoy.
If you’re hesitant to risk items or are maybe tired of the chaotic nature of the Wilderness, you have options to participate in planned controlled events that are fully automated, with gear and levels set for you. In addition, we have a moderator team with high levels of creative freedom to interact with the server. We’ve counted and our Event Moderators have access to 86! different commands trough which they can interact with the world and provide support.

Here are some of the alternatives briefly mentioned, with links to their respective release posts added.

Queued Event System: Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag

release post

The latest additions to automated activities would be TDM- and CTF-events that work through a newly made queuing system, which you can access through the in-game interface in the Wrench menu. During any time of day these events can be started when 6 or more people join the queue. In these events you can gain points that you can exchange for PK-supplies, Mercenary armour or other cool cosmetic items such as coloured gloves and boots! After fights you also get books of XP that can be exchanged for combat experience. To join this event you don’t need any stats or supplies. Your character is temporarily transformed to a specific build and is given gear when the event starts.


1v1 Tournament

Want a completely fair 1v1 fight with 16 participants? Look no further! Maybe our most popular event that also does not require any starts or gear. This event does not use the previously mentioned queuing system, and has been around and enjoyed for a long time. Tournaments can be moderator hosted or can be donated for by players themselves. To donate or get more information about this event in-game and character builds available type ::abouttournament or ::donateforevent. Joining these events has no requirements. You don’t need any stats or supplies. Your character will automatically receive a specific build and gear when the event starts.

Free For All

Looking for a chaotic massacre? We offer moderator hosted automated Free-for-All-events in which you can compete in four schemes: Last Man Standing, Max Damage, Max Kills or combined targets of Max Damage and Kills. To get more information about this event in-game, type ::aboutffa.


Hunger Games

This event is a free for all with a very interesting twist: your character gets transformed to a specific build, but no gear or supplies are given. When event starts you will need to arm yourself with gear picked from the ground while competing with other hungry players. This event is mod hosted and requires preparation. The items dropped on the ground in this arena will never disappear, so dead players ground item stacks are another way to gear up while event goes on. To get more information about this event in-game, type ::abouthungergames.

Self-supplied, Anonymous Free-for-All

This is a moderator hosted Free-for-All-event that is similar to regular Free-or-Alls, but different in requiring you to gear yourself and take on others who are risking gear in their turn! When you enter the event area you’ll notice anonymization measures have been taken: you can’t see player or team names, compass or icons on the minimap, see who is casting you or trade. This is done to discourage and make it hard for players to team up. This event does not offer special builds or gear, you need to bring your own. The event can be setup to require full rune to be equipped when entering. In this arena ground items never vanish and the last man standing gets to pick up and bank all the loot on the ground! If 30 players enter the event and full rune is required, that can be seriously impressive loot!

Edgeville Deathmatch arena

We offer the option to not only Duel (stake) other players with a right-click option, but we also offer the option to have Wilderness-rules-based deathmatches. The Deathmatch arena is moved to Edgeville, so that the community hanging out in Edgeville can enjoy the action. The Deathmatch arena uses a different combat formula that favors more casts to win. You’ll have to put in effort to take it home!

When setting up a deathmatch you’ll have several options when it comes to settings: No Potions, No Prayer, No magic, No members content, no special spells, Fun (Risk free).


Dueling (staking)

One of the classic ways to have fun on RSC is through duelling. You can do this anywhere in our world. When duelling players, you can see how much their hit points are offset from what is usual given their current combat stats. This way you can tell whether they used training dummies or other methods to possibly gain advantage. In the Duelling settings you can choose to not allow non-original items in the stake, since RSCR offers custom items that you may not be familiar with, or just may want to avoid.


PK-friendly bank features

It’s worth noting that on RSCR you’ll find features that make PK more convenient than ever. Get into back into PK action quickly by utilizing features like saving your inventory and equipment at banks, and having your character re-geared with just one click of a button!

Wilderness drop parties

In deep wilderness you may notice a weird looking area with bridges. That is our Wilderness Drop Party arena. Here, we host some seriously chaotic parties where PKers can enjoy a lot of blood from people who try to bank their loot. These parties are very chaotic and sometimes quite frustrating, but offer high amounts of unique fun!

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Can we have pkpoints counted on the mac adress instead each char?

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Stolt Archer said:

Can we have pkpoints counted on the mac adress instead each char?


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Stolt Archer said:

Can we have pkpoints counted on the mac adress instead each char?


Interesting idea. I think safer option would be to tie them to single forum account. Mac address is not safe for storing currency as anyone can spoof their Mac to be anything so it would be about same as being able to steal from a bank account by knowing the account number.

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n0m said:

Stolt Archer said:

Can we have pkpoints counted on the mac adress instead each char?


Interesting idea. I think safer option would be to tie them to single forum account. Mac address is not safe for storing currency as anyone can spoof their Mac to be anything so it would be about same as being able to steal from a bank account by knowing the account number.

Well i can see your point a little,  but not by much
No1 shares their mac adress, and tbf dont think anyone would even bother.
Hell even put the bank pin on the pk shop tied to your mac, would be like having a visa without its code

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