[COMPLETED] Mod-Hosted Farming Event, October 13th - Returning Mods

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We are really pleased that our players are enjoying the new event queuing system as much as we are, we have already seen lots of shiny new mercenary armour around Runescape classic!

The staff team will be holding one of our famous but rarely seen Farming/Skilling events on Sunday the 13th of October, 4pm UTC.

If you have not seen one of these events before: you can expect an area filled with high and low level NPCs for melee/ranging, rocks for mining, trees for woodcutting and flax for spinning, sheep for shearing with banks and beds nearby, a true skillers' paradise.

The event will last for approximately 6 hours from 4pm - 10pm UTC.
All levels will be welcome (Certain areas will not be safe).

You will be able to join the event using the ::event command on your PC client or Android client.
See the picture below for an impression of a past event (this one will be bigger!):

We would also like to use this opportunity to welcome back Mod Nocash (Known as the player Nocashloc) and Mod Wu (aka Shinobi), two awesome mods who have returned to the staff team to help us provide better overall support for the players and liven things up again!

Welcome back Obi and Nocash, and we hope to see everyone at the event!
RSCRevolution Team

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Since people play different time zone, a 2hr event may exclude some players.

1) Code an NPC to give people 2 hrs at Skill Event. When 2hrs is over, you're automatically tp'd back to edgeville


2) Make it a full day event

I think this should be hosted on a regular basis during the weekend to attract players. Good work.

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We have decided to extend the event for 6 hours with a new starting time of 4pm UTC until around 10pm UTC.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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I liked it. This is a perfect way to attract players. I agree with Humans to extend for one day full the event. And YEAH!!! I was waiting something like it to say: Very good work again!!!
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Thanks RSCR Staff.

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Cool.  Would be a good idea to run this consistently once a month or something.

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Love it! It's been a little while.
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how much longer till till live?

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Very Nice event

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thanks for helping me mods