22 April downtime information

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On 22nd April, we will be changing hosts. We are moving to a Canadian Server. This will be a better server and location.
Host migration takes almost no time,  but DNS changes might take some time. Members may experience from 1 to 24 hours of RSCR being inaccessible.

To compensate for any downtime you may experience, we are adding 1 more 6 hour double xp session to Devil XP.

We will also extend the Easter Maze Event 1 more day.

Thank you!
RSCR Development and Staff Team

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o0o. very nice. my potato might run faster ow.

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, so this is today that it will be down for 24 hours?is it inaccessible  as of right now?  Cuz I can't log in...aaaand  I just claim it double XP too

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I can’t login rn lol ? halfway through Legend’s too ?

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