Easter Holiday Maze Run

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Happy Easter!

The event will be live through 28th April.

This year at RSCR, we have gone a different route. No Bunny or Egg hunts this year.
Instead, you will compete, PvE or PvP, to complete a 2 story maze!
Speak to the Maze host of your choice in order to view tips and rules.
Be aware, if you enter the PvP Maze, it is in the Wilderness.  You can and will be attacked by other players!

You will have 30 minutes to complete the maze, before being teleported out. If you finish, or wish to leave before the 30 minutes is up, you can teleport out.

Throughout the maze, you will find chests, with varying prizes inside, behind locked doors!  These doors will require a key to open them.  Simply kill the appropriately colored Easter NPC until you get the key as a drop
{TIP #1: Get 2 keys, as you also need a key to get out of the doors!}
{TIP #2: Take poison antidote or Cure with you}

When you reach the end of the maze, you will find a cupboard to search for a prize

Possible Prizes

Easter Basket
Obtainable from the Cupboard at end of PvE maze.
Obtainable from the Chests throughout the PvP maze.
Wieldable Rare or use on another player as you did with Crackers in RSC.
You or the player you use the basket on will receive a pair of bunny slippers.
Available Colors are Pink, Green, Blue, White, Black

When you examine these items, it will tell you their use

Food Items
Obtainable from chests throughout the maze

yellow bunny - Heal 10

green bunny - Heal 12

purple bunny - Heal 14

blue bunny - Heal 16 (P2P)

pink bunny - Heal 20 (P2P)

Easter Eggs
Obtainable from chests throughout the maze

2643.png When shearing sheep, you get balls of wool (150 ball limit)

2644.png Protection from Dragon Fire (30 minutes)

2645.png Bones will auto bury on NPC kill (20 minutes)

2646.pngCooked fish caught instead of raw (20 minutes)

In addition to the above prizes, you can also get random items similar to those given from the Crystal Key Chest.

Any additional prizes implemented will be added here

Devil XP

Devil XP will be available in Edgeville throughout the event.
You can receive double XP 4 times, for 6 hours, for a total of 24 hours of double XP

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maze sounds really fun easter egg basket looks to be a cool concept and I absolutely love the perks of those easter eggs....imma log in this bitch and check it outttttttt big_smile

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Can’t wait to try this out today!!!

Thank you Kleio, Pepsi and all the other Staff members who made this possible..!

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So many updates in middle of maze or dbl shit got wasted