24 March - Updates and Fixes

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New Content/Features

- Slayer Guide added to Skill Guides

- Buffed stats on Gilded Armor (see bottom of post)

- Buffed God Trimmed Armor Stats (see bottom of post)

- Buffed God Robe Prayer and Magic Bonus (see bottom of post)


- An option to lock open your inventory has been added.

- Protective Clothing will now be obtainable from Dr Orbon for 100 GP after the Sheep Herder quest is complete. This way, you can complete your clue scrolls without Moderator assistance.

- Guthix and zamorak robe/hat now appear in auction house trimmed section.

- You slip and fail to hit the tree message with Dragon Hatchet was happening even when getting logs. This has been fixed.

- Image in crafting guide for the emerald ring has been fixed.

- Vet and ulti vet icons in game are no longer reversed.

- Dusty Key door not working. This door seemed to be vanishing. It should work correctly now!

- Curry can now be made.

- Skin Paste item description typo. has been fixed.

- Typo in Herblaw Skill guide (red spider eggs) has been fixed.

- Dragon Dagger Poison tick not resetting after NPC kill. When you poison an NPC, it will now do it properly (starting with a hit of 9 for each new npc)

- Using weapon poison no longer consumes  the vial.

- Gargoyle Kill message has been fixed.

- Magical Pool in Edge now will tell you that eastern wild is a 1v1 zone, instead of 1 ip.

- Poison damage from Saradomin God Mages (Clue scroll ) has been fixed. It will no longer hit you for a 23 with poison!

- Poison Weapons - All daggers, once weapon poison is used on them, will now poison.

- Orbs can no longer be charged from a distance. Now you will need to actually be at the Obelisk!


- Edgeville Dungeon Hot Spot Bug , where players found a way to not get a skull while holding hotspot, has been fixed.

- RIGHT CLICK EQUIP allowing 2handed swords or bows to be wielded with shields.  This has been fixed.

- Bug with banking inside team territory , where players were banking while being maged or ranged has been fixed. You will now be kicked from your bank!

- Death Match Arena Trapping Players  has been fixed.
NOTE: If you find a bug in game, you are to use the ticket system and report it! Keep in mind, bug abuse is a banable offense.

Server Core

- In game, 2 factor auth email is not sending.
- Fix scrolling through chat on Droid client

Gilded Stats
OLD 30 armor
NEW 34 armor, +2 pray / mage
OLD 80 armor
NEW 85 armor, +5 pray / mage
OLD 49 armor
NEW 53 armor, +3 pray / mage
OLD 46 armor
NEW 50 armor, +3 pray / mage

God Armor

OLD 30 armor 1 prayer
NEW 32 armor, 1 prayer, 1 mage
OLD 80 Armor 2 prayer
NEW 82 armor, 2 prayer, 2 mage
OLD 49 armor 2 Prayer
NEW 51 armor, 2 prayer, 2 mage
OLD 46 armor 2 prayer
NEW 49 armor, 2 prayer, 2 mage

God Robes

OLD 2 prayer, 4 magic, 6 armor
NEW 5 mage, 5 prayer, 6 armor

OLD 8 prayer, 6 magic, 20 armor
NEW 5 mage, 10 prayer, 20 armor

OLD 7 prayer, 10 armor
NEW 5 mage, 10 prayer, 10 armor

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Nice work smile

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Sick ;]

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- Curry can now be made.

I knew this day would come!

Oh the other stuff is cool too I guess :-p

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Curry huh,

I'm hungry.

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ModernBB BBCode Test

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+1 Beast Changes!

Please consider implementing Slayer Mask for all who do slayer..

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Neox said:

Curry huh,

I'm hungry.

Been a while, but curry heals 19 hp'z IIRC. Not bad.

So now gilded armor is the strongest armor, further increasing its value. Nice! Now you can spend big money on something other than paper hats.

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Nice update.

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