Fixes and Updates

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1) You can no longer mage or range your own character in a 1v1 zone, in order to prevent being killed or attacked by another player

2) Bug fixed where you were able to catch your target in the wilderness before the wait time was over.

Christmas Event

1) Christmas Shield and Candy Cane requirements removed, can be wielded at all levels

2) Buffed Skilling tokens to 50 per drop (was 25)

3) Updated Rudolph spawns, added a lot more, and removed inaccessible locations

4) Dexil XP will remain in Edgeville through January 2 ( event end ), for you to collect all of your double XP  ( 4x 6 hours )

Look for a few more things this evening or tomorrow!

A big hint is to keep collecting tokens! Also, prepare,  and practice with killing Sauron wink

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Hi Pepsi,

When you say, "Keep collecting tokens", is what you are referring to going to be applicable to people that have yet to complete the 2017 & 2018 Christmas Quests?

Thank you!

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Are Candy Canes no longer equivalent of a rune battle axe?  Never checked what the shield gave, but did its stats change as well?