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We are proud to pick up where Jagex has left off with RuneScape Classic. Today we're releasing a substantial cosmetic update to the game as well as an expansion to our treasure trails that will lead you on rewarding adventures around the world of RuneScape.

229449a2faa2b049f313b3fdc9f6286d.pngGilded armor

Scavenger Hunt Clues!

Joining the existing clue types of cryptic, anagram, dig and coordinates are a new type of clue: scavenger hunt. All three levels of clue scroll difficulties now have a chance to offer scavenger clues. Harder tiers of clues have harder to obtain items, as well as harder to reach places where you need to bring them.

Scavenger clues will require you to gather between one and three random items from around the realm and take them to a specific object or non-playable character. The possible required items shouldn't take a toll on your bank, but they will most likely force you to walk to placed you never expected to go. Scavenger clues from a hard treasure trail will require quest completions or put the player in direct danger to complete the clue.

dd42b7a5b00c01990a8dc06370e5660c.pngThis scroll is an example of a scavenger-type clue one could have gotten from a medium difficulty clue scroll

Naturally, since we're adding new clues we should also add new rewards to the treasure trails!

Bronze Trimmed Armour!

We have seen your requests for bronze trimmed armour and we're releasing bronze (t) and (g) sets.
For when you're a noob, but you're ballin'!

Trimmed Robe Sets!

Guthix, Saradomin & Zamorak Robes
Gilded and Trimmed blue, black and white robes!
Blue, black and white trimmed robes have same stats as regular wizards robes.
God trimmed robes have iron armour stats and additional prayer bonus: hat +2, robes +8, gown +7.

Gilded set!

Without a doubt the most bling set of them all and future most expensive armour set, has same stats as rune.229449a2faa2b049f313b3fdc9f6286d.png8912e27ae1e5200df1a1919ef6db037c.png

Treasure trails reward additions by difficulty:

  • Easy clue scrolls have bronze (t), (g) armour pieces, blue (t), (g) robe pieces and white (g) robe pieces added to their potential rewards;
  • Medium clue scrolls have black (t), (g) robe pieces now obtainable through their rewards;
  • Hard clue scrolls have gilded armour pieces, as well as Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak robe pieces now available as potential rewards.

Clue scrolls have now been made less common as drops from monsters, but good rewards are a bit more likely. We felt that previously, monsters were dropping clue scrolls too often, but good rewards were too rare. We also noted players throwing out hard clues then they didn't have the prerequisites, and farming a new clue instead. Now, getting a clue scroll drop will feel more exciting.

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please let us know by submitting a bug report thru the wrench menu in-game!

Cosmetic overhaul

Today we're releasing a cosmetic overhaul to a few dozen items which you will notice now appear different when equipped than before. In general, these changes make the appearance of items while equipped more similar to their appearance while in the inventory.

Amulet sprites now have gem inserts in them, necklace and amulet sprites have different sized gem, just like on the inventory sprite.
Necklaces seem like they'd be especially useful for color coordinated outfits!


Dragon square and Anti dragon breath shields now feature accurate roaring dragon and knight's sword designs..

Dragon medium helmet has been redesigned to reflect the fearsome horned headgear it was inside our backpacks.

Pickaxes are now wieldable and have same weapon stats as hatchets.
You will still need the relevant attack level to equip it as a weapon.

Swords have different designs, now you can easily determine if someone is broke and actually rocking long sword or worse.
The 2-hander has been redesigned to appear like a broadsword, while shortswords and daggers have had their heights edited.

Previously while wearing plate mail legs and boots or gloves, armour used to stick out a little bit.
Boots and gloves sprites have now been adjusted to fix the overlap issue.

Winter gloves are now a touch whiter, as players complained they were too gray previously.


  • Sprites created by Mod Lucki for proprietary use on RSCRevolution, with special thanks to Billy Mays.
  • Scimitars, magic staves (with orbs), dsword and daxe have not had their appearance overhauled at this time.
  • Information on the other clue types, and other potential rewards can be found in release post for treasure trails.
  • We recently made some minor combat related updates for PKers, including: a) right click options for add-friend/ignore/etc removed while in wilderness; b) magic and prayer menu scroll positions are saved for each character; c) autofollow during ranged combat removed by popular demand.
  • For previews on our upcoming releases, join our Discord server and check the latest posts at the development logs. We have mainly replications, bugfixes and stability planned for the month of July. With the closing of Jagex servers come August, we are rushing to preserve and replicate any missing tidbits and fix any inconsistencies while we still can.
  • Deadman season two is coming! Our first deadman mode was originally intended to run perpetually, but we've decided it would be much more populous and thrilling as a serverwide tournament lasting only a few short weeks, with rewards for the best skillers and killers.
  • For reasons previously stated, the upcoming slayer skill remains unfinished. We think it's best that we say nothing about it until it's time to release so as to avoid premature hype, that way everyone can be freshly excited when the day comes.

Happy adventuring!

Thanks for reading,
Billy, Kleio, Mod Pepsi, Mod Lucki, and RSCRevolution Staff

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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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That is incredible work gentlemen!

Fucken oath!

Thank you!

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Looks cool

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Ooooh shiz I want me that sweet bronze g armour. Loving the new update

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Billy said:

-Sprites created by Mod Lucki for proprietary use on RSCRevolution, with special thanks to Billy Mays.

Thank you two so much for this. One of the best updates ever.

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Fantastic update, +1000
Seemed like a long-awaited update, but the patience paid off
Appreciate the hard work, #RSCR


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Love this update! Who will be the first one with a gilded set? smile

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incredible update, i'm very impressed

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Hoping everyone enjoys this update! It was a blast to help with this one and I look forward to doing more!! smile

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Bravo Bravo!!

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Great stuff!

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Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I'm really going to miss old d med and d sq wield appearance. Maybe I'm just oldschool idk. Looks kind of tacky

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Amazing update guys, gj!

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Wow this is amazing work. Thanks rscr!

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The ammount of happy I am with this update is unreal. bronze g(something ive been asking for for months) is finally in game! Guilded set, Bronze g set, and zammy robes here I come! thanks for the update Billy, Kleio, Lucki and all the rscr mods. Appreciate everything you do for us smile

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No face, No case!

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oh look more knew armour we need some new weapons for pvm..

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You guess seriously need to start paying people for advertising and get more new people to play and have a growing community. Rsc for Android is an addiction and no other phone games matter.

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+1 Amazing update and great work!