[Release] Teleport Tablets

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Hi all, we have some more regularly occuring medium-sized updates in store for you, after this will be a PKing/wilderness update.

This post is about the release of Teleport tablets!

Teleport Tablets

To create one, simply use a law-rune on a piece of soft clay (or vice versa). This will shape and enchant the tablet, granting magic XP for casting the spell. You will need all relevant magic/quest requirements to enchant the tablet.


You will not need any requirements to break the tablets, and doing so gives no XP. The tablets you can create are as follows:

Varrock teleport - 25 magic - 1 law rune, 1 fire rune, 3 air runesONETjnK.png

Lumbridge teleport - 31 magic - 1 law rune, 1 earth rune, 3 air runesPztawP2.png

Falador teleport - 37 magic - 1 law rune, 1 water rune, 3 air runeswdadl9x.png

Camelot teleport - 45 magic - 1 law rune, 5 air runes85KT1Ah.png

Ardougne teleport - 51 magic - 2 law runes, 2 water runes, Plague city completionFYV68Od.png

Yanille teleport - 58 magic - 2 law runes, 2 earth runes, Watchtower quest completion
(Note - This will take you to the city proper, despite having Watchtower teleport requirements)Vrza8kX.png

This is something we saw in later versions of RuneScape and makes good use of runes and soft clay. I hope some new players will get use out of using or selling them. Aside from being useful for players without magic levels, these tablets only occupy one slot.

I designed these sprites for proprietary use on RSCRevolution. As usual, a huge thanks to Kleio and also to Uncle for helping me with my bugs. Please enjoy!

See you in-game,

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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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Thanks great job!

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Great Add!
Edge teleport would be nice thou.
Also feel like crafting should be apart of this but whatever.

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Awesome sounds great. With all the new content (and being an ironman hoarder) I'm starting to run low on bank slots though. Any chance this could be upped as well? I'm guessing eventually when slayer comes out there will be a ton of new content released as well.

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Any chance we can get a confirmation screen on the tablet? I've misclicked these twice already!

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we need an edgeville tab

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This is pretty cool.  Too bad I don't play anymore lol.

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jesus pker said:

we need an edgeville tab

Then there would need to be an edge teleport spell, even if its similar to home teleport, and besides theres an edge teleport in dragon ammies.

You know what we need now? Batching to be added to using water (either bucket or jug) on hard clay, and batching on making these new tablets (1/5/10/All), since there's already that kind of batching on enchanting rings and ammies.

Edit: The number for the batch on softening clay can be based on crafting level

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Rome said:

Any chance we can get a confirmation screen on the tablet? I've misclicked these twice already!


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All these new adds to the game are great but I need more bank space. can we get that please?

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Klone Army said:

Looks cool. Hoping slayer gets released before osrs, so I'll actually play rsc again.

They will prolly release it at the same time


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Klone Army said:

Looks cool. Hoping slayer gets released before osrs, so I'll actually play rsc again.

Lol don't hold your breath, it's been (at least) a year in the making

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I can see these being useful to people with no magic level like pures, or to lvl 3 skillers who need to get around. As for me I'm level 99 magic with most of the teleport related quest done but I could still make a pretty penny off of selling these.

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