[DONE]60M+ Wilderness Drop Party

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Today we had a very special event where I've dropped items worth way over 60M+ in a special Wilderness Arena, the turnout and feedback was amazing and I'm pretty sure that we will be doing this again! Here are a a few screenshots of videos of the event! Thanks to everyone who participated and choosing RSCRevolution as your RSC fix!


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fk i missed this =(

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So instead of looting I tested killing lower lvl ppl. It didn't work out. As a flat lvl70+ had about 97 percent chance to escape combat being f2p. I think this was a great event turn out and with so many people nobody was a solid target. Thank you maddog and mods for hosting this event.

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C'mon pker and u missed it too; all u fking do is tripping


(c) lol at the amount of ppl, biatch! Ā§Pink Party Hat - is not             + + + + + + + .[+]  \

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