Dueling improvements!

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Hello ya'll!

After releasing our amazing worldmap and client optimizations we kept working hard and are ready to announce improved dueling interface, along with new rules to duel.

What's changed?

- Interface has been completely remade for new rules to fit in.

- Equipment rules; you can now choose one by one which equipment is allowed in your duel.

- In turn, we have deleted the "No weapons" rule. Equipment rules are now replacing this option.

- Hitpoint Offset is now displayed on the bottom of your stake containers. You can read more about Hitpoint Offsets here.

- 3 completely new rules!

  • No drinks. Enabling this rule will remove all effects from potions used before the duel.
  • No members items. This rule will forbid you from using any p2p items known from the original RuneScape Classic.
  • No RSCR items. This rule will forbid you from using any custom RSCR items in the duel. This covers all the items that has never existed outside RSCRevolution.


Other news

We are happy to inform you that the login verification e-mail link is now fixed and works as it should.

Our hard work won't stop here though. We are still continuing to work on upcoming updates, which will be PK/Wilderness/PVP related and a bunch of bug fixes.

Speaking of bugs! If you find any, report it in game via support interface which you can find from the options section. This will help us to improve the playing experience for everyone!


That's all for today folks, stay tuned! big_smile
-with love Nisti, N0m and rest of the RSCRevolution Staff team <3


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looks like a great update!

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Hells yeah!


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Heard from a little birdie that there's some possible Deadman updates coming can you give us any info on that?

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Great job guys

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I love this dev team, wish OSRS had one similar.

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This is very awesome!  I'm especially excited about the no drinks and no rscr items options.


"I see..." said the blind man as he pissed into the wind "It's all coming back to me now!".

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Some sick shit my brother.. if only i had some gp to stake omg

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