Decreased rune respawn time in MageBank store, fixes

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- Decreased elemental rune respawn time in Mage Bank rune store from 6 seconds to half a second, death and chaos runes respawn in 3 seconds;
- Manta rays now heal 22HP;
- Torstol herb identify requirement decreased from 78 to 76;
- Increased minimum donation for lottery starting to 400k;
- Disabled getting experience while dueling;
- Adjusted Survival Event timer, now you can join even last second before event;
- Using Bloody Axe of Zamorak now won't spawn Imp in Survival Event area;
- Fixed typos in Hotspot information;
- Disabled ability to teleport out of Fishing Trawler minigame;
- Added a check question for using subscription card on another player, if you actually want to give him a free subscription.