Thanks for Supporting the Revolution!

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Thanks for Supporting the Revolution!


Walking around in-game today, it seemed crowded. Not only was Edgeville packed, the kill-feed lively, but I was constantly running into people all over in esoteric locations throughout the map. It was hard not to notice how much our server and community is flourishing!

Then I checked the player count: 170 characters were online, with forecasts slated even higher for the days to come! Think of it, over 130 unique fans of RuneScape Classic on one world together 16 years later, not just reliving the old nostalgia but revolutionizing the content we know and love! Our marketing approach, and upcoming releases for PKers and adventurers alike, will surely see this number rise in the coming days. But we couldn't have done it without our community - YOU decided this was your go-to place for RuneScape Classic.

We could list all the exciting development that is coming up, but you can already see that by checking the other threads in News and Update Logs. We just wanted to say, thanks for your passionate support, and for taking us to #1 since we launched in 2014. And for those of you on the fence, you will always be welcome here.

Thank you for choosing RSCRevolution!

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I'm Billy, I run RSCR with n0m and nisti!
Reach me at our Discord, or message me here.
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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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We had a great Sunday. You guys are awesome!

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It's been a while since my eyes have glanced these pages, this is an amazing post to see on my arrival!

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keep doing more updated guys and we will grow up more and more big_smile


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do more pk updates!! and work on the new skills. it Helps both player base. skiller and pkers!! (Rc skilling/runes)

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Gut job guise. All my luv from ex mawd Bitch


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Best bootleg server Ive played on -
Custom quests and items and so great
XP rates are perfect

Treasure trails are fantastic. I have been working on a medium one for 5 days now. Constantly forcing me to train skills and do quests I never would bother with as well as visit areas ive never been,

Mod support is A+

Unlike other servers ive played the community is also great, Really supportive.

Y'all deserve to have an active and healthy player base.

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Love all the new additions.  Over 120 registrations yesterday.  Keep up the good work!

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+1 My fist account was created in August 10th 2014 love the server and dedication put into this you guys do a great job keep it up and you will always have a flourishing community ! smile

Winter Is Coming!

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169 of them were mine. aka. Nolifer <terrisluts>
normal runescape aka. S a y u m i <Maxed>

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Thats because Rev is the best.

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Rscrevoliton is life!!!

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We should celebrate with a double exp weekend *nudge nudge wink wink trololo*

All seriousness, RSCR has been great, i was away fro a while, but recently came back and remembered how awesome it was when i found it. I played Runescape to death when i was younger, had so much fun, but never got very high in levels. i tried other servers before rscr and it was too rediculous with instant leveling. RSCR the exp rates are perfect, got me past everything i already did as a kid quickly and let me take on the more difficult challenges while still making me work for levels once i got past the 50s.

Great work, great community and it's awesome to see you guys adding new content to this great old game. Rock on.

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Half of them are noobs though, have you seen their gear?


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Nice work

team australia

F2p wild 24/7 below the fence please.